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Cult Beauty is saving time and improving brand perception

Embedding sustainability badges on product pages

Powering credible impact-focused search filters

Consistent proof-backed claims at point of sale

"As consumers increasingly value transparency at scale, brands can take positive action through Provenance to stay relevant and ultimately reap the commercial rewards."

Alicia Hickey
Head of Sustainability, Cult Beauty

Improve product page conversion

Your hard-earned sustainability credentials are getting lost in product description copy and your Sustainability page. Embed simple, trustworthy impact badges on product pages that nudge shoppers to buy in line with their values.

Connect with retailers on sustainability

Get the opportunity to unlock more sales channels when you join the Provenance community, which features world-leading beauty & wellness retailers. Improve the quality and outcomes of your retail buyer conversations by giving them instant assurance about your positive impact.

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Get in front of more conscious shoppers

Get discovered by more values-led shoppers by appearing in our retail partners' sustainable search filters and edits. Plus, drive awareness of your positive impact with a brand profile on our shopper directory.

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It’s easy to get started

Create an

Create your Provenance account by speaking with our team.

Choose and evidence
your claims

Identify which Proof Point claims you want to share and submit the relevant evidence

(Average time: 45 minutes)

We'll publish your
Proof Points

We'll publish to your chosen channels. For DTC sites, we make it easy for your digital teams to integrate Provenance.

Empowering citizens to choose products that match their values

Today, the facts about products’ social and environmental impact are hidden and inconsistent, which makes it almost impossible for shoppers to make positive choices about what to buy.

Provenance exists to unlock the truth and empower shoppers to make purchases in line with their values. At the same time, we generate rewards for brands with a positive impact on people and our planet.

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“Provenance began out of a personal frustration for how little we know about the things we buy.”

Jessi Baker
Founder and CEO

Is Provenance right for me?

I already have certifications

Your customers are busy, which means your certifications are going unnoticed in product description copy. By turning them into product page badges, Provenance makes your certifications work much harder, generating shopper engagement with CTRs of up to 6.8%.

It doesn’t look like value for money as a small brand

We work with hundreds of small, growing brands, so we've made sure to keep costs as low as possible. Discounts are available for brands with low annual turnovers – speak with our team to find out more.

Our eco credentials aren’t strong enough

Provenance works for brands at all stages of their sustainability journey –almost half (44%) of our partner brands have 3 or fewer Proof Points. Don't wait for perfection – start getting rewarded for your progress now.

I’m worried it will take too much time

It takes an average of just 45 minutes to choose and evidence your Proof Points. From there, we'll check your evidence and get them live on your chosen channels.

I’m not sure my customers recognise Provenance

Provenance’s Proof Points receive over 1.6m impressions per month globally today and we’re rapidly expanding our network of brands and retailers.

I doubt shoppers really care about sustainability

Our latest research suggests that 90% of shoppers globally now consider sustainability when buying consumer goods. Brands that aren't showing progress risk losing relevance.

Find out what concious shoppers want from brands

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Get actionable insights from 11 beauty and wellness industry professionals and 1,600+ shoppers

  1. Where brands are falling short of shopper expectations
  2. Why mistrust in sustainability claims is rife
  3. What brands can do to earn customers’ trust


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of shoppers consider sustainability when buying beauty and wellness products.


of beauty and wellness shoppers have difficulty trusting brands’ sustainability claims.

Caudalie is differentiating with sustainability touch points by:

Giving shoppers at-a-glance assurance about their positive impact

Appearing in retailers’ sustainable filters

"We can write about these initiatives in product copy, but does the customer read it? Sometimes it just gets lost in translation. Provenance helps us to really communicate everything we’re doing to our retailer customers.”

Alice Langston
Marketing Manager, Caudalie

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