Case Studies

The work and results of some of our projects, and examples of businesses who use our software service to bridge the gap between business and consumer.

Made in Newlyn, United Kingdom by Newlyn Fish Company

Tracking sustainability claims through global chains

Can we prove that products are sustainably-sourced and slavery-free? In an international pilot, working with IPNLF and 12 tuna producers, we use Provenance to track fish through the complex Southeast Asian fishing industry for the UK, Japanese and US markets.

Pioneering a new standard for trust in food retail

How can we empower customers all along the supply chain with data they can trust? Provenance partners with the UK’s largest consumer co-operative The Co-op to track fresh produce, and their product claims, from origin to supermarket.

Showcasing craftsmanship via smart labels

How can we give shoppers the information they need to choose your product? Provenance presents the journey of material to finished product through interactive labels.

Raising the value of single-origin coffee

How can single-origin coffee producers prove the provenance of their product? We trial location data verification to differentiate between authentic single-origin coffee from mere marketing buzz.

Tracking towards a circular future for cotton

How can tech help cotton producers increase demand for the sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, fabric? We use Provenance to track cotton from origin to finished good and beyond, closing the loop.

Build trust through transparency with Provenance

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