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RSPCA Assured

RSPCA Assured

The RSPCA Assured scheme was created in 1994 (as Freedom Food) and focuses on improving animal welfare in agricultural and aquaculture farming systems. Standards are specific standards to the type of farming (indoor, outdoor, free-range, or organic) and cover the whole production chain (from health and diet to slaughter).

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Standard Summary

  • Farms must meet the welfare standards set in their category and will vary depending on the type of animal

  • At a minimum the standards ensure that producers meet UK legislation related to animal welfare, environmental protection, and use of antibiotics.

  • All products need to be traceable back to the farm

  • All actors of the supply chain need to meet RSPCA Assured standards

  • All the animals on the farm need to be covered by the standard

  • Farms are inspected annually in person.

  • Certification is valid 1 year

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RSPCA Standards

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