5 Reasons to Intern at a Tech Startup…

Hello world, here’s some insight into why I think interning for a tech startup is both highly valuable and exciting. I joined Provenance in June for the UCL Advances Summer Internship Programme and would recommend the experience to anyone, regardless of their academic background!

1) Everyday’s an Adventure

With an array of projects and a small team, no two days are the same. You’ll continuously discover something new; whether researching the relationship between human trafficking and illegal fishing, learning to code or visiting a flower farm in Lincolnshire, there’s always a chance to add to your knowledge. You’ll live life in the fast lane (with some lazy lunches at the park) and learn enormously from the varied hands-on experience.

2) You Get to Build Something New

When working at a startup you’ll likely be creating or providing something that the world has never seen before. Needless to say – this is super cool! The outcome of your work is tangible and you quickly see results.

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3) Responsibility from Day 1

Many employers will make this claim, but startups truly deliver on this promise. In short, the work you are assigned needs to be completed by you – it’s unlikely that others will have time to re-do these tasks. Overall, you’re responsible for making sure the standard of your work matches that of your colleagues. Working autonomously will come naturally and you’ll become a pro at creatively troubleshooting your own challenges.

4) Your Opinion Matters

You’ll be highly involved from the get-go and the team will rely on your feedback and ideas. Startups are progressive; there are less bureaucratic formalities and it’s not hierarchical. Working in a small tight-knit team means that your thoughts will be valued and heard by everyone.

5) Tech is the Future

We live in an increasingly interconnected world surrounded by technology. Beyond this, tech capabilities are constantly evolving and improving lives around the world! 10 years ago, who knew it would be possible to track a tuna supply chain on the blockchain? In a nutshell, it’s an exciting time to be part of the global tech community and it’s only going to get better.