Getting started on Provenance

Welcome! Provenance is officially live, but currently invite only. For those of you that have received your invite, here are some basics to help you get started with the free version. Please remember we are only an email away and happy to help.

Setting up your profile

First things first, you’ll need to create an account on Decide if this is a personal account, or one for your business. If it is a business account use your company name as the name on the account.

You should also make sure you choose a username that you’ll be happy with, as it’s a bad idea to change it later! If you’re wondering what to list as your location, we recommend your main office, factory or workshop. If you have a few locations, not to worry – we’ll be adding in this feature soon, but for now just choose one.

getting started

Adding a profile picture

When adding your profile photo, make sure to use your logo if it’s a business account, or a nice photo of your face if it’s just for your use. (We recommend a photo where you’re looking at the camera!)

getting started

Adding more information to a profile

Adding a making photo

Provenance is for sharing the process, people. places and materials behind any product – from art to shoes. This starts with an image. In the top right corner of any page on Provenance you’ll see the ‘Add a photo’ button, where you can add photos of you or others making any physical product. You can also upload them from your profile page.

Provenance-PS-3-iPhone6 (1)

Adding a making photo

An easier way to do this is to link to your Instagram account, this way you can post making photos directly from Instagram using #ppco.

We encourage you to take photos of anything you’re making, or anything that’s making near you – just make sure to give credit to anyone who’s work you show. Making photos don’t need to be glossy or perfect, they should just detail the lengths people go to for these great products. Making photos appear on the Provenance home page for all to explore and share.

Tip- adding a location to a making photo is an essential. People often browse Provenance by location, so to be discovered you need an accurate location.

Adding a product story

Collate all your making images together into a story to help others know the creative process behind any object. A product story showcases a great product, through the whole process of it being made – a living feed detailing it’s lifecycle.

Once you have some making photos on your profile, you can create a product story by clicking ‘Start a new story’ and add photos to it. From there you can add a name, location and category for your product (below).

getting started

Creating a product story

By clicking ‘Edit’ on the product story page, you can add more information about the process of your product, and also add photos of the finished product which will appear as the main image at the top of your story (below).

getting started

Editing a product story


Your product story is built in stages to help give readers more information into the processes and steps used to create your product. We recommend starting from the very beginning with raw materials and inspiration. You could then move on from first steps, like cutting wood, to assembling and then to finishing touches – whatever works best for your product. It might be a good idea to plan these stages, as you can’t rearrange them. You can always edit the text, however.

Each stage has it’s own description, so you can add in more info about each step of your production. You can always go back and add more photos (by clicking ‘edit stage’) to any of your stages, to keep a beautiful living story. Have a look at this story of Elvis & Kresse Weekend Bag, made using stages.

What if I’m not a maker of products?

You don’t have to be a maker to be on Provenance, but currently you will need to create an account to browse the site. Once that’s done you can explore all the products and stories on Provenance. You can even add photos of things other people are making near you and create product stories for them, just remember to untick the box that says you created the product and credit the people who did!

getting started

Please feel free to email us anytime with any questions or issues. If you are interested in our advanced features for product making businesses, retailers and certifiers please do get in touch. Now go get started on Provenance!