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ICONIC Milk Protein Isolate

The key ingredient in our range is our Milk Protein Isolate, a sustainably sourced and grass-fed protein that is hormone, antibiotic and preservative free. Offering a light and balanced taste profile, our low sugar, high-protein offering appeals to consumers looking for a clean protein boost but without the heaviness of a traditional protein drink.

Product journeys

The Grass Fed Cows behind ICONIC Protein

The Grass Fed Cows behind ICONIC Protein

Explore the journey

Explore the stages

Stage 1
Sourcing Truly Grass Fed Verified cows
Stage 2
Collecting the milk
Stage 3
Testing the milk
Stage 4
From milk to protein powder
Stage 5
Bringing the protein back to home turf
Stage 6
From powder to ICONIC


Made by

ICONIC Protein

Made in

Wisconsin, United States

Made from

  • Milk Protein Isolate


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