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Cold brew coffee

Ready-to-drink cold brew coffee. Brewed at ambient temperate for 16 hours to extract less bitterness and acidity, yielding a smoother flavour.


Made by


Made in

Netil House, United Kingdom

Made from

  • Glass flask
  • coffee
  • water
  • adhesive paper labels
  • aluminium lid.
  • Claims
    • high quality raw materials
    • Using materials made with basic ingredients, materials or substances of very good quality.

    • recyclable packaging
    • Packaged with materials that can be converted into reusable material.

    • responsible sourcing
    • Maintaining social and environmental considerations when managing supplier relationships.

    • sourced directly from farmers
    • Obtained from farmers, without the involvement of a middleman.

    • vegan
    • Operating entirely free from animal products.

    • vegetarian
    • Free from meat or fish, and sometimes other animal products.

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