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Making of Alchemic Wine

Via Brigata Pavia, 8, Italy

Featured products

  • Ca' Barnaba

    Ca’ Barnaba has a dark ruby red color, that turns slightly brown when aged. The fine scent is strong and clean at the same time, with a clear expression of the tertiary scents. At the palate it is full bodied, balanced, and with a strong aromatic aftertaste.

    Suggested food pairings: Ca’ Barnaba is best paired with roasted wild game, and is also well combined with fatty or seasoned cheeses.

Alchemic Wine strips the must of all the traits typical of the grape and territory, allowing the vintner and grapes to freely express

  • I

    Inspiration, emotions, and dreams

    We believe that emotions drive our actions, from an inspiration all the way to making the dreams come true.

    Blind tasting before bottling...

    Blind tasting before bottling...

    Pavia, Italy

  • II

    Activities in the vineyard

    We believe that all activities in the vineyard should be performed in harmony with the vegetation: the human intervention is only intended to caress the vines and ease their spontaneous growth.

    Harvest time!

    Harvest time!

    Cassinassa, Italy

    • Spring time! ...and a walnut tree growing next to the vines
  • III

    Activities in the cellar

    In the cellar we perform periodic operations on the grapes during the long fermentation period, and then on the wines as they slowly evolve with aging. All activities are performed free of any chemical or physical process: the only tool used is a pump to slowly move the juice between tanks.

    Alchemic wine in the making

    Alchemic wine in the making

    Canneto Pavese, Italy

    • Swirl of alchemic wine in the making
  • IV

    Craddle of the wine

    After years of slow ageing, the wine is ready to be reborn: the glass bottle is the craddle of our wine.

    Alchemic wine in display

    Alchemic wine in display

    Via Durini, Italy

    • Location of the yearly Alchemic Wine event
    • See you soon! In the vineyard, cellar, or at the next event near you ;-)

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