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Structural features to your story. Use them to add different steps to a process or sections to a narrative.


A picture made using a camera of any sort. Accompany them with captions and locations after upload.


Anything manufactured or refined for sale. Add them to Provenance as standalone product pages or link them to corresponding stories.


People and companies involved in your business or production. Invite them to contribute photos to your story.

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Sood, Schweiz

Featured products

  • Wallstein

    A rollingpin fabricated by local craftsmen.

The story of the leather

  • I


    The cow, a red Dexter, grew up in Sood, canton Aargau, Switzerland, raised by farmer Werner Hunziker.


    Sood, Schweiz

    • Farmer Werner Hunziker with one of his cows

      Farmer Werner Hunziker with one of his cows

      Sood, Schweiz

    • Red Dexter cow

      Red Dexter cow

      Sood, Schweiz

  • II

    Raw Material

    The Cowhide is tanned into fur by the tannery Friedrich in Zofingen

    Raw Material


    • Tanning in process

      Tanning in process


  • III


    The fur is manufactured into straps by saddler Isla Bayer


    Jungstrasse 11, Schweiz

    • Master leatherworker Isla Bayer

      Master leatherworker Isla Bayer

      Jungstrasse 11, Schweiz

    • A strap is cut from the fur

      A strap is cut from the fur

      Jungstrasse 11, Schweiz

    • The straps edges are rounded

      The straps edges are rounded

      Jungstrasse 11, Schweiz

    • Rivets and buttons get fitted

      Rivets and buttons get fitted

      Jungstrasse 11, Schweiz

    • Finished strap with detail

      Finished strap with detail

      Jungstrasse 11, Schweiz

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