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Finely Crafted Sterling Silver Jewelry

Karachi, Pakistan

Featured products

  • Handmade Jewelry

    Fuchsia offers high-quality, responsibly made jewelry you can wear with confidence, knowing that the artisans who made it are well-treated and receive fair wages. Plus, each piece reflects an ancient tradition of Kundan craftsmanship going back centuries.

We believe that people like you don’t just want gorgeous jewelry — you also want to know it was ethically made.

  • I

    Our Workshop

    This workshop is located in Saddar, the main jewelry market in Karachi and the center of jewelry manufacturing for all Pakistan. The workshop was founded in 1990, and in the three decades since, has grown to employ about 20 workers. This workshop serves customers in the local as well as international market, and the Ahmed brothers are passionate about providing high-quality products, distinguishing themselves from competition by their commitment to research and quality control.

    While for a time, there was a demand for lower-grade products, customers are now becoming more quality-conscious, which is why this workshop is grateful to partner with Fuchsia in offering a global audience finely crafted jewelry of exceptional, lasting quality.

    Karachi Workshop

    Karachi Workshop

    Karachi, Pakistan

  • II

    Our Artisans

    Jewelry isn’t just a job for brothers Saleem and Faheem Ahmed — it’s a family tradition. Their family originally emigrated from Delhi, India, to Pakistan in the 1940s, possessing little but their skills in jewelry-making, which they continued to hone and grow.

    Faheem has passionately pursued his craft, learning as much as he can about jewelry manufacturing through formal education as well as ongoing personal research. He dreams of the jewelry workshop eventually becoming a large factory with 3,000 workers, and sees access to the foreign market (which Fuchsia provides) as one of the key steps in realizing that dream.

    The workshop employs a team of approximately 20 artisans, providing living wages which help them supply food for their families, support their children’s education, pay utility bills, and more. Every Fuchsia purchase contributes to sustaining that level of employment.



    Karachi, Pakistan

    • Saleem
  • III

    Our Process

    Each of these jewelry pieces is made of sterling silver, which is a combination of pure silver and copper or ready-made alloys. The silver is refined locally, and every item is crafted by hand as well as by using machines, thus keeping alive a long-running tradition of hand-craftsmanship.

    Fuchsia was struck by the high level of quality present in this sterling silver jewelry, so it is with great pleasure that we now present them to a broader global market — and people like you.

  • IV

    Positive Social Impact

    Fuchsia is committed to treating our artisans with respect and dignity, supporting them as they continue a centuries-old tradition of time-honed craftsmanship. Not only does this result in a sustainable, responsible manufacturing process, it also means our customers can enjoy unique, handmade products which would otherwise be inaccessible to a global audience.

    Positive Social Impact

    Karachi, Pakistan

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