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Handloom cashmere scarves from Nepalese artisans

Katmandú, Nepal

Featured products

Hand loomed grade A cashmere directly from the hands of talented artisans

  • I

    Hand-Loomed & Luxurious Cashmere

    We believe that eminently comfortable and beautiful cashmere shouldn’t come at the cost of labor abuse — which is why Fuchsia is pleased to offer high-quality, ethically made cashmere. Not only does each piece look and feel fantastic, you can be confident it was made with great care and dedication.



    Katmandú, Nepal

  • II

    Our Process

    Each of Fuchsia’s exquisitely soft cashmere products is made from high-quality, grade-A cashmere yarn acquired from "changtangi" goats. This breed of goats lives in the higher altitudes of the Altai Mountains of Tibet and Mongolia. We use non-polluting, eco-friendly dyes, and lab-test each lot of fiber to guarantee high standards of purity and integrity.



    Katmandú, Nepal

    • Artisan
  • III

    Our Artisans

    With over three decades of experience, Tej is an expert when it comes to cashmere. He runs a small-scale cashmere production workshop in Nepal which employs over 25 artisans, the majority of whom are women. The workshop is located in close vicinity to Tej’s residence, which he says maximizes his focus on work. Tej supervises his staff in order to ensure satisfaction and safety for his employees — and artisans at this facility function like a big family, with passion and dedication to their craft.


    When it comes to looming and weaving cashmere, Tapash is a skilled craftsman with around 20 years of experience. He’s passionate about his craft, and has proven a driving force in making sure that cashmere produced in the Nepal workshop is delivered to Fuchsia’s headquarters in Seattle in a timely and efficient way.

    Artisans (from left to right)
    Maiya Sen
    Saraswati Khadka
    Krisna Maya Tamang
    Durga Dangal
    Maya Tamang
    Chitra Kumari Dangal

    Artisans (from left to right)
    Indira Thakur
    Indu Thapa
    Shobha Thapa
    Lipika Sarkar
    Bhagwati Thapa

    Tej Narayan

    Tej Narayan

    Katmandú, Nepal

    • Tapash
    • Loom Team
  • IV

    Our Workshop

    Our workshop is located in Nepal, and employs a team of 25 artisans, the majority of which are women. Tej Narayan Ram, the workshop owner, supervises the staff with great care for their satisfaction and safety, while turning out hand-loomed cashmere which exemplifies a commitment to excellence.

  • V

    Positive Social Impact

    Fuchsia is committed to treating our artisans with respect and dignity, supporting them as they continue a centuries-old tradition of time-honed craftsmanship. Not only does this result in a sustainable, responsible manufacturing process, it also means our customers can enjoy unique, handmade products which would otherwise be inaccessible to a global audience.

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