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Rightfully Rescuing Rejected Raspberries

Shipbourne, United Kingdom

Featured products

  • Raspberry Ghost

    Our Raspberry Ghost is a delicious Eau de Vie that captures the aroma of ripe Kentish raspberries. A super smooth and creamy spirit, the delicate raspberry flavour bursts onto the palate and endures long into the finish.

Part of our aim is to work with local farmers to take surplus produce and use it to create delicious spirits and limited editions like our Raspberry Ghost.

  • I

    Collecting suplus berries

    One summer day I received a call from a local farmer who had a couple of hundred kilos of raspberries in his cold store that would not go to his supermarket customers. There's nothing really wrong with them - a bit of sun bleaching, a bit misshapen - but perfect for us.

    Collecting suplus berries

    Shipbourne, United Kingdom

  • II

    Fruit distillation

    To lock in the fresh vibrant flavour we steep our berries in wheat spirit for a month or so and then redistil the spirit in our 300 litres copper pot still. You have to use a lot of raspberries! The flavour of a Geist is very delicate and so it is only reduced in strength as much as necessary. The spirit comes out of the still at about 85% abv and we reduce it to 40% to bottle it.

    Fruit distillation

    Shipbourne, United Kingdom

  • III

    The final spirit

    We don't add back raspberry juice to colour and sweeten the liquid to make a Raspberry Liqueur. We want it crystal clear, strong and fragrant.

    Drunk neat the Raspberry flavour can be quite elusive at first; the spirit really comes alive with the addition of some sweetness and sharpness. So drinking as a long drink with tonic (try Fever Tree Mediterranian Tonic) really enhances the spirit. Garnish with a slice of lemon and fresh mint.

    Our signature serve in the distillery is the Sour Ghost - a classic Sour cocktail made with the addition of Raspberry Ghost in place of, say, the Whisky in a Whisky Sour.

    The final spirit

    Shipbourne, United Kingdom

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