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Tracking organic bacon

Last updated: 20th June 2017

Bristol, United Kingdom

It all started on a beautiful farm in Devon in April - visiting Eversfield Organic admiring the beautiful countryside, the baby lambs and their piglets...

  • I

    Visiting the farm

    On a gorgeous day in April the sun was shining and I was homeward bound to get back to my Devon roots...this time to visit one of our Soil Association licensees Eversfield Organic...

    Visiting the farm

    Devon, United Kingdom

    • Devon, United Kingdom

  • II

    Working together

    Over the last two months I've been working closely with Provenance, Eversfield Organic and As Nature Intended's Chiswick store to bring this project to life - bringing together all parties to track our bacon from the farm.

    Working together

    Devon, United Kingdom

  • III

    Planning the launch

    Visiting the As Nature Intended store in Chiswick gave us inspiration for how we might communicate ideas about the pilot in-store to customers. This included developing some ideas around point of sale materials such as in-store displays and shelf talkers.

    Planning the launch

    London, United Kingdom

  • IV

    Customer feedback in-store

    An important aspect of this project will be to trial the idea in a real retail situation and to observe and talk to customers about their experience. This will include gaining feedback on the mechanisms for discovering the information, as well as the type of information we share and how it is displayed.
    I will be particularly interested in feedback on understanding of our symbol in this context and how we could make this easier to engage with.

    Customer feedback in-store

    London, United Kingdom

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  • Tracking organic bacon
  • Tracking organic bacon

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