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Window Trousers

Last updated: 10th May 2017

London, United Kingdom

Window Trousers / Martine Jarlgaard London Signature Trousers in Silk Cotton / preSS18TR1004

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    The Sculptural Window Trousers are a signature style from Martine Jarlgaard London. The silhouette was developed in-house in the London studio through draping and pattern cutting. The idea was a balancing act between relaxed and sophisticated in a contemporary, timeless language.

    Window Trousers / Martine Jarlgaard

    Window Trousers / Martine Jarlgaard

    London, United Kingdom

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    The Window Trousers are made in a cotton silk blend from Faliero Sarti in Italy.
    Faliero Sarti is a family owned company working with luxurious, innovative fabric based on Italian craftsmanship and quality. The fabric is made in Prato in Italy. Prato is a world famous textile district north of Florence, which has established its own closed water loop system and water cleaning facilities. The fabric is a production surplus material.

    Martine Jarlgard London Window Trousers in Faliero Sarti cotton silk blend

    Martine Jarlgard London Window Trousers in Faliero Sarti cotton silk blend

    London, United Kingdom

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    Before sampling stage several fittings have taken place. The Martine Jarlgaard London Window Trousers were skilfully made by Sasha, Fashion Lab.
    Sasha trained as a tailor in her native Ukraine before starting her sampling and production business FashionLab in Poland.

    Sampling / FashionLab

    Sampling / FashionLab

    London, United Kingdom

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    Smart Labelling

    Smart Labelling

    Added by

    A Transparent Company

    London, United Kingdom

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