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Structural features to your story. Use them to add different steps to a process or sections to a narrative.


A picture made using a camera of any sort. Accompany them with captions and locations after upload.


Anything manufactured or refined for sale. Add them to Provenance as standalone product pages or link them to corresponding stories.


People and companies involved in your business or production. Invite them to contribute photos to your story.

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Proud of preserves

Kidds Lane, United Kingdom

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  • Rhubarb & Date Delight

    Moroccan inspired spiced chutney - great with cheese or pate

    • Food Standards Agency

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I make preserves from real, natural ingredients, No hidden additives, no artificial shortcuts - just real food and hard work

  • I

    Out to the garden

    I have over 100 "crowns" of rhubarb growing in my garden which I run on a totally organic basis. When I decide to make Rhubarb & Date delight I head straight out to the garden for my main ingredient. I top and tail the rhubarb as I pick it and the "waste" goes onto my compost heap.

    Out to the garden

    Kidds Lane, United Kingdom

    • All of my vegetable/fruit waste gets composted along with any packaging I can't reuse for shipping

      All of my vegetable/fruit waste gets composted along with any packaging I can't reuse for shipping

      Kidds Lane, United Kingdom

  • II

    What I add

    Once the rhubarb has been picked and sorted it's a short walk to my kitchen unit situated between the house and garden. There the rhubarb stalks are washed and chopped. Then it's time to add the vinegar - unpasteurised natural cider vinegar bought direct from the farm where it is made by Armagh Cider Company.
    Dates (unfortunately I cannot grow these or I would try!) are chopped and added. Sugar and spices are next.

    Now it's just cook - low and slow

    Now it's just cook - low and slow

    Kidds Lane, United Kingdom

  • III

    Low and slow

    At this stage everything is brought to the boil and then cooked low and slow until it reaches exactly the right consistency - no need for artificial setting agents or thickeners - just patience!

  • IV

    That's it - into the jar

    Once everything is ready it is into the jar. Filled and weighed to make sure it complies with weights and measures, lidded, then onto the shelf to cool before being batch numbered the next day and then labelled.

    That's it - into the jar

    Kidds Lane, United Kingdom

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