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Structural features to your story. Use them to add different steps to a process or sections to a narrative.


A picture made using a camera of any sort. Accompany them with captions and locations after upload.


Anything manufactured or refined for sale. Add them to Provenance as standalone product pages or link them to corresponding stories.


People and companies involved in your business or production. Invite them to contribute photos to your story.

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October Olive Harvest

London, United Kingdom

Featured products

  • Lunaio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Cold extracted Italian extra virgin olive oil from the Olivastra seggianese olive groves of Southern Tuscany. Light, fresh olive fruit aroma with a gorgeous creamy texture, buttery taste and a balanced hint of pepperiness.

From October look out for our limited bottling of NEW HARVEST Lunaio extra virgin olive oil which David makes from the first olives of the season.

  • I

    Picking of the olives

    Traditional smallholder farming still prevails on Monte Amiata. The farmers fertilise with manure and many still hand pick using tall ladders and nets spread on the ground.

    The olive pickers

    The olive pickers

    London, United Kingdom

    • Olive nets

      Olive nets

      London, United Kingdom

  • II

    Olives ready to send to the mill

    Once picked, netted and put into crates, the olives are taken to traditional local mills which still use granite stone wheels to crush the olives.

    Waiting to go to the mill

    Waiting to go to the mill

    London, United Kingdom

  • III

    The final product

    This delicate oil from southern Tuscany is delicious on cooked fish, chicken, rice, potatoes and cooked vegetables or salad. Or enjoy as a dip mixed with Seggiano aged balsamic vinegar and sourdough bread.

    The final product

    London, United Kingdom

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