Natural State Processing

Clinton, AR, United States

  • Founded: 2016
  • Employees: 17
  • Directors: 2

Natural State is committed to humane harvesting techniques that ensure the highest standards for animal welfare and food safety. We are a USDA-certified operation that processes chickens and turkeys by hand. All of our employees undergo continual training in animal welfare and are cross trained in the responsibilities of each position. We use top-of-line packaging equipment, including a rollstock machine, to ensure the longevity of your product.

  • Claims
    • 100% made in the USA
    • Producing, sourcing or manufacturing entirely in the United States

    • batch producer
    • Creating products stage by stage over a series of workstations, in different batches.

    • cruelty-free
    • Using methods which do not involve cruelty to animals.

    • high quality raw materials
    • Using materials made with basic ingredients, materials or substances of very good quality.

    • local employer
    • Supporting skill and talent from locations restricted to a particular area.

    • no animal cruelty
    • Producing without inflicting physical pain, suffering or death on an animal.

    • sourced directly from farmers
    • Obtained from farmers, without the involvement of a middleman.

    • equal opportunities employer
    • Not discriminating against any employee or applicant because of race, color, religion, nationality, sex, disability or age.

  • Values
    • sustainability
    • Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

    • collaboration
    • Working with another to produce something.

    • equality
    • Providing individuals the same status, rights or opportunities.

    • craftsmanship
    • Creating or producing with a high level of skill.

    • community
    • Sharing a common area or interest.

    • animal welfare
    • The wellbeing of animals.

  • Social Impact

    NSP is a major employer in an economically disadvantaged area. We pay wages above the average living wage. And we use the highest standards of animal welfare.

  • Environmental Impact

    We only harvests about 3,000 chickens per week. Our central location in the state reduces travel for farmers and the animals they haul.

  • Governance

    All NSP employees are cross trained so that they have a well-rounded skillset and opportunities for professional growth.

  • Natural State Processing

    Natural State Processing

    Clinton, AR, United States

Natural State Processing

Clinton, AR, United States

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