London, United Kingdom

  • Founded: 2012
  • Directors: 1

Designer Jim Rokos explores the physical properties of materials to generate aesthetic, intriguing concepts.

  • Claims
    • handmade
    • Creating or selling products made by hand from start to finish.

    • high quality raw materials
    • Using materials made with basic ingredients, materials or substances of very good quality.

    • innovator
    • Introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

    • made to last
    • Highly durable and made to withstand wear and tear.

    • non-toxic
    • Not causing or capable of causing death or illness if taken into the body.

    • recycler
    • Converting waste into reusable material.

    • sourced responsibly
    • Obtained with social and environmental considerations when managing supplier relationships.

    • supports a charity
    • Operating to provide help and raise money for those in need.

  • Values
    • authenticity
    • Sourcing from undisputed origins or producing with signature methods.

    • craftsmanship
    • Creating or producing with a high level of skill.

    • environment
    • The natural world as affected by human activity.

    • heritage
    • Passing down objects or qualities from previous generations.

    • creativity
    • The use of imagination or original ideas to create things.

    • innovation
    • Introducing new methods or ideas to change what has already been established.

    • originality
    • The quality of being independent, creative or novel.

    • family
    • A bond existing within a group of people mutually associated with each other.

    • collaboration
    • Working with another to produce something.

    • quality
    • Meeting the minimum standard or higher, required to satisfy customer needs.

    • sustainability
    • Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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  • Czech Republic

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  • London, United Kingdom

  • Dave creating the decanter

    Dave creating the decanter

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London, United Kingdom