Our Vision

A world where citizens know the impact of products and can drive progress through what they choose to buy.

The Problem

Every product has an impact on people and planet

Decades of globalisation have disconnected us from the reality of production. Today, the facts about products’ social and environmental impact are hidden and inconsistent, which means it’s difficult for shoppers to make positive choices about what to buy.

At the same time, brands that are making genuine progress on their impact aren’t necessarily winning in the market. With no effective way to share clear, accessible proof with shoppers, their sustainability efforts remain locked up in annual reports and static spreadsheets.

Our Mission

Turn positive social and environmental impact into brand value

Our aim is that one day every great product will come with Provenance: accessible, trustworthy information about origin, journey and impact. Why? Because our collective power lies in our shared knowledge. By unlocking the facts, we can empower shoppers to drive progress through their purchasing power. At the same time, we can generate rewards for brands making a positive impact on people and planet.


/ˈprɒv(ə)nəns/ Noun

Accessible, trustworthy information about a product’s origin and its impact on people and planet.

Discover our founder story

“Provenance began out of a personal frustration for how little we know about the things we buy.”

Jessi Baker
Founder and CEO

Communications with integrity

At Provenance, we know that businesses aren’t best placed to judge their own actions. So, to make sure we continue to act for people and planet as we grow, we’ve appointed our own Integrity Council. As a social enterprise and a proud B Corp, we exist to make commerce a force for good.

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Join our team

We’re a small, independent team with expertise in marketing, sustainability and technology and a shared goal to drive positive change for people and planet. If you’re looking for a day job with purpose, have a look at our current opportunities.

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