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We live in the world we buy into

Every day we buy products that impact our planet. Opaque supply chains are devastating environments and compromising the wellbeing of people, animals and communities. Every product and business is different, but rarely do we have the information we need to make positive choices about what to buy.

Provenance is a platform that empowers brands to take steps toward greater transparency by tracing the origins and histories of products. With our technology, you can easily gather and verify stories, keep them connected to physical things and embed them anywhere online.

The Dalles, Oregon, USA

Our social mission is baked into our Articles of Association at Companies House.

The company Project Provenance Ltd exists to empower people to change the way the global economy works. Creating and fostering open and accessible information about products is at our core, inspiring us to be active citizens through the things we choose to buy. We believe companies like us can and should operate both to succeed as a business and in service to local and global communities.

Project Provenance began with a frustration for how little we know about the things we buy

We are now a growing collective with backgrounds in software design, product manufacturing and data science. Our base is in London, but our mission is global. Our common goal is to deliver meaningful change to commerce through open and accessible information about products and supply chains.

Made by

Jessi Baker, Ian Kynnersley, Thibaut Schaeffer, Luke Harvey, Harini Manivannan, Samuel Draper, Catherine Rice, Laura Burnett, Simon I’Anson, Dolly Eniola, Paul Mackay, Louise Garvin, Faisal Chaudhuri, David Pepper, Cristina Del Castillo Fernandez, Paula Jago, Beth Thayne, Aurore Flaceliere and Luke Pontin.

With help from

Lily Cole, Brian Fitzpatrick, Scott Bell, Peter Gabriel, Alexsis de Raadt St. James, Chemain Sanan, Neliana Fuenmayor, Anina Henggeler, Stephanie Lau, Nicole Green, Matthew Hussey, Rosa Koolhoven, Guy Lipscombe, Ben Maxwell, Gavin Starks, Jutta Steiner, Alison Walters, and Tim Wilson.

Work with us

We are a small tech startup that’s growing fast. If you share our mission for a more transparent system for commerce, and have unique skills or bucket loads of passion to contribute, contact us!

Each day I’m motivated by how Provenance enables supply chain transparency, allowing power and agency to be re-distributed fairly among all supply chain actors. Stephanie Lau
Business Analyst
Blockchain opens new horizons for brand transparency, and it’s great to be working with this tech at such a pivotal moment in consumer culture. Thibaut Schaeffer
Blockchain Engineer
There are many efforts at making conscious consumption trendy. Provenance works to make it a reality - not just for a campaign or a season, but for good. Lady San Pedro
Communication Designer
Company Information

Project Provenance Ltd,
71 Fanshaw St,
London, N1 6LA, UK
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CEO: Jessi Baker
Company number: 8622563
VAT number: 168965544

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