Become the trusted destination for planet-conscious shoppers

Differentiate from other retailers by turning your brands’ sustainability credentials into your competitive edge.

Retailer Sustainability Software
Retailer Sustainability Software
Retailer Sustainability Software

Differentiate with sustainability badges shoppers can trust

Clearly demonstrate your own planet-positive ethos, by making your portfolio’s positive impact more visible, engaging and credible on site.

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Avoid the risk of greenwashing

Provenance’s sustainability claims and criteria are continually updated in line with evolving ESG terminology and compliance standards.

Avoid greenwashing, keep pace with standards and publish claims with confidence.

Provenance API

Manage and present trustworthy sustainability data in a scalable way

Provenance's API integrates seamlessly with your existing e-commerce user flow, so you can:

  • Win back the time your team is spending vetting social and environmental impact claims across your portfolio, by streamlining the claims management process..
  • Empower your customers to shop their values by publishing standardised, shopper-friendly claims and certifications on product pages, and powering greenwash-free sustainability filters and edits.

Increase add-to-cart rates by up to 41%

Nudge shoppers to buy in line with their values by embedding clickable sustainability claims in your ecommerce user journey.

Give busy customers an at-a-glance summary and enable deep-divers to click through to examine the evidence.

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Connect with planet-positive brands

Strengthen your brand portfolio by connecting with Provenance’s growing community of conscious brands, each with ready-to-publish sustainability claims.

How Cult Beauty brands saw 35% higher purchase rate with Provenance

  • Embedding sustainability badges on product pages
  • Powering credible impact-focused search filters
  • Consistent proof-backed claims at point of sale

Brands love showcasing their positive impact with Provenance

"Pai’s customers are seeing the same, consistent Proof Points across all of our retail partners – for a consumer right now, that’s hugely reassuring"

Sarah Brown

Founder, Pai Skincare

"The independent verification gives us the confidence to shout about both our environmental and prodect claims from the rooftops”

Flo Glendenning

VP of Product & Sustainability, The Nue Co.

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