Validate, automate and amplify your sustainability data

Provenance's data and publishing tools empower multi-brand CPG retailers to manage, de-risk and publish their sustainability data.

Save time. Reduce risk. Drive growth.

Provenance Framework

Avoid fines and reputational damage by reducing greenwashing risks

  • Derisk your published sustainability claims to avoid regulatory fines of up to 4% of global turnover and to protect brand trust
  • Have confidence that your claims are accurate, unambiguous and substantiated, and aligned with evolving industry standards
  • Easily share brands’ existing certifications alongside bespoke product-level claims
Provenance API

Save time by automating sustainability data management

  • Easily integrate sustainability data directly into your PIM/PLM via Provenance’s API, saving you the hassle of consolidating and validating brands’ claims
  • Improve data coverage across your product range, with the world's largest database of validated product level sustainability claims for CPG
Publishing tools

Drive sales by amplifying sustainability throughout your customer journey

  • Increase PDP conversion by embedding clickable sustainability badges
  • Enhance product discovery with sustainability-based search and filter functionalities
  • Power sustainable edits, retail media and loyalty programs with validated product-level data
  • Improve brand perception by translating your sustainability data into customer-friendly marketing touchpoints throughout checkout
Product Conversion
Proof Points Mockup
Data insights

Inform your strategy with tailored insights

  • Gain actionable insights on which sustainability issues your customers care about most
  • Make smarter buying decisions based on tailored engagement data
  • Use insights to inform marketing campaigns, post-purchase content and loyalty schemes

How Cult Beauty brands saw a 35% higher purchase rate with Provenance

  • Embedding sustainability badges on product pages
  • Powering credible impact-focused search filters
  • Consistent proof-backed claims at point of sale

Brands love showcasing their positive impact with Provenance

“Our brands with Proof Points are seeing 20% higher conversion, which shows the value transparency has to consumers."

Jeannie Jarnot

Founder & CEO, Beauty Heroes

"The independent verification gives us the confidence to shout about both our environmental and product claims from the rooftops."

Flo Glendenning

VP of Product & Sustainability

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