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Product creators

Product creators

From coffee growers in Peru to fabric weavers in Scotland, use our tools to gather stories and key information from the workbench, factory or farm and share them seamlessly with retailers.

Brands and retailers

Brands and retailers

Easily integrate stories and key information about your products at the point of sale. Show customers the journey of people, places and processes behind the things you curate and sell.

Conscious shoppers

Conscious shoppers

Benefit from an open approach to business and manufacturing. Discover the stories and values behind the things you buy and feel confident to support them with your purchase.



Certifiers, auditors and sustainability experts work with us to profit from our tools for supply chain and product lifecycle transparency. We integrate standards and data sets and help spread their reach.

Complimentary software tools

Provenance helps gather and share information and stories behind products. We are also pioneering a new method for ensuring authenticity of information - tracking items and their attributes securely through even the most complex chain of custody.


Open a window into your making process and share your business values.

Your products have an amazing story to tell. Provenance enables you to gather and communicate the information and unique stories behind your physical products and easily embed them anywhere on the web - real-time, collaborative and simple.

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Open a window into your making process and share your business values


Go a step further to prove the things that matter most about your products with an immutable digital history.

Use Provenance advanced tools to securely track materials and key attributes on the blockchain. Our technology builds secure data trails to bring a new digital dimension to every one of your products.

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Give any physical thing an immutable digital history

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14th February 2016

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