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Amplify sustainability. Cut greenwash.

Provenance validates and amplifies sustainability credentials for consumer packaged goods

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200+ brands and retailers are growing brand trust and sales volume with Provenance

"Provenance helps brands communicate their sustainability efforts in a compelling way to our global community of beauty lovers."

Francesca Elliott

Managing Director, Cult Beauty

"The independent verification gives us the confidence to shout about both our environmental and product claims from the rooftops."

Flo Glendenning

VP of Product & Sustainability, The Nue Co.

Rewarding businesses. Empowering shoppers

For Brands

We help brands win more conscious shoppers by enabling them to share their sustainability credentials in a compelling, trustworthy way.

For Retailers

We enable retailers to differentiate, meet fast-moving ESG standards and more easily manage sustainability claims across their portfolio.

For Shoppers

We empower citizens to cut through the greenwash and find brands and products that truly align with their values. Visit our Directory to get started.

Empower customers with fact-checked sustainability data

When it comes to sustainability, we won’t settle for less than the truth. Our anti-greenwashing software is designed and built by sceptics to take the guesswork out of shopping sustainability.

Every verified claim we publish helps separate fact from fiction, enabling people to vote with their wallets for a better future.

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Turn sustainability into business growth

We need those businesses with a positive impact on people and planet to grow their market share.

That's why we enable brands and retailers to confidently publish sustainability information – in a way that shoppers understand, trust and love – so that they can attract and convert more customers.

Make ecommerce work for people and the planet

Today, there’s no consistent, scalable way for consumer goods companies to share product sustainability information with shoppers.

Provenance’s platform makes it easy to manage, verify and publish trustworthy sustainability data at scale. By connecting sustainability to every purchase, we’re making ecommerce a force for good.

Product Conversion

Let's put an end to greenwashing

Today, it’s almost impossible for shoppers to make positive choices about what to buy.

The facts about products’ environmental or social impact are often hidden. And when brands do talk about sustainability, it can be impossible to separate what’s genuine from what’s greenwash.

For the future of our planet, we need to fix this. Provenance exists to unlock the truth and empower shoppers to make purchases in line with their values. We believe that one day, every great product will come with Provenance: accessible, trustworthy information about its impact.

of beauty and wellness shoppers have difficulty trusting brands’ sustainability claims.
of shoppers consider sustainability when buying beauty and wellness products.
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"Provenance began out of a personal frustration for how little we know about the things we buy."

Jessi Baker
Founder and CEO

Start planning for key sustainability dates in 2024

Optimise your sustainability campaigns by aligning with the most important global social and environmental awareness days in 2024. Share a few details to download the hyperlinked PDF calendar today.

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