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Made in Murrumbateman, Australia by Four Winds Vineyard

Products are more than aesthetics and a price tag. They are the sum of their creators' work, history and ownership. What if there were a new digital dimension to products that could tell us where they were made, gave us information about their producers and ingredients, and guaranteed authenticity? We created Provenance to do just that.


The backbone of Provenance is a system for tracking materials and products in a manner that is public, secure and inclusive. Whether you need to prove authenticity or guarantee quality, our item-level tracking is state-of-the-art.



Use our transparency tools to share your product’s journey and your business impact on environment and society. Make your Provenance profile and stories accessible at the point of sale to give shoppers the confidence to choose your brand.


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  • For business

    For Business

    Add a new dimension to your brand and products with our powerful, simple-to-use software platform that lets you trace the journey behind products and share their stories online and in-store.

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  • For community

    For Shoppers

    Look out for the Provenance marque and unique IDs accompanying products online and in-store. Support the transparency movement by investing in brands and businesses that value it.

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  • For non-profits

    For Non-profits

    Increase authority and reach with our tools for supply chain and product life-cycle transparency, digitised certifications, awards and marques that can be tracked and brought to life online.

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Provenance in the press

  • “One of ten amazing Science and Technology innovations to watch”

  • “Starting a revolution in consumer understanding”

  • “Designed to let users know more about where their products are coming from”

Join pioneering businesses from all over the world

  • Jonathan Norris limited

    Tufnell Park, United Kingdom

    At Jonathan Norris we specialise in excellent quality West Country and Scottish fish and shellfish.

  • Archie Rose Distilling Co.

    Rosebery, Australia

    Reigniting Sydney's rich history in distilling. Archie Rose distills and bottles gin, vodka, whisky by hand to be shared in good company.

  • 1803

    Sydney, Australia

    We make beautiful products from farmed Australian deer. Our heroes are Australian artisans who dare to keep the old skills alive. It is a bloody good thing.

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