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Made in Murrumbateman, Australia by Four Winds Vineyard

Because not all products are created equal

Products are more than aesthetics and a price tag. They are the sum of their creators' work, their history and ownership. To know the origins and journey of a product is to understand its value.

Maker tools

The platform for proof

Use our tools to bring transparency to your supply chain, from raw materials to finished items. Our secure software helps you gather data, trace a footprint for your products and demonstrate the key information in a visually engaging way. Show your customers the story they are supporting with their purchase.

Provenance real-time data platform

Be a business of the future

Provenance for makers

For suppliers

From a coffee grower in Peru or a fabric weaver in Scotland, use our tools to share stories and key data from the workbench, factory or farm and see them passed down the supply chain.

Provenance for everyone

For brands

Provenance facilitates end-to-end supply chain transparency and protects you and your customers from buying counterfeit materials and products. Be a brand to trust.

Provenance for retailers

For retailers

Our digital tools seamlessly integrate your products’ story at the point of sale (online and in store). Prove the authenticity of the products you curate and sell.

Powered by a game changing technology

Provenance is building on a new information technology called the blockchain that presents a paradigm shift for business and society: from one where you need to generate trust in your brand and product, to one where trust can be implicit. Because, for the first time, an accessible, yet secure, shared truth exists.
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“One of ten amazing Science and Technology innovations to watch”

“Starting a revolution in consumer understanding”

“Designed to let users know more about where their products are coming from”

14th October 2015

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