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The Marketer's Guide to Sustainability

Enroll in our 6-part on-demand series to gain the confidence to communicate your businesses' sustainability efforts without the risk of greenwash.

Learn from experts from leading global organisations

Who's it for?

Marketing, brand and e-commerce professionals in consumer goods brands

What you'll learn

  • Get on top of key consumer sustainability concepts and strategies, from packaging and carbon to the treatment of workers.
  • Understand how to communicate your environmental and social initiatives without risking greenwashing
  • Learn directly from 6 world-leading organisations, from Fairtrade to 1% For the Planet.

Course content

1. 'Packaging sustainability and green claims' with WRAP



Learn how to share your brand's sustainable waste management practices and waste claims from climate charity WRAP.


Jayne Paramor

Strategic Technical Manager - Plastics, WRAP

2. 'What is greenwashing?' with The Competition & Markets Authority



Unravel the complexities and nuances of greenwashing to ensure your marketing messages are authentic and genuinely sustainable.


Cecilia Parker Aranha

Director of Consumer Protection, Competitions & Markets Authority (CMA)

3. 'Sharing natural and organic claims' with Soil Association



Learn how to talk about natural and organic claims and certifications from leading certifiers, Soil Association Certification.


Niamh Noone

Senior Marketing Manager, Soil Association Certification

Paige Tracey

Business Development Manager, Soil Association

4. 'How to talk about carbon' with the Carbon Trust



Understand the significance of tackling climate change and how your marketing efforts can drive positive climate action.


John Newton

Director, Resourcing & Delivery, Carbon Trust

Anna McShane

Partner Marketing Manager, Carbon Trust

5. 'Communicating purpose' with 1% For The Planet



Explore ways to engage with and uplift local communities, fostering a sense of purpose and social responsibility with 1% for the Planet.


Jaclyn McCarthy

Director of Brand & Marketing, 1% for the Planet

Kiera Murphy

Account Manager, 1% for the Planet

6. 'Talking about farmers, workers and fairer pay' with Fairtrade Foundation



Empower your business to support fair labour practices and create a positive impact on workers' lives.


Rachelle Arpin

Senior Partnership Development Manager, Fairtrade Foundation

Hannah Dunne

Sustainable Sourcing Manager, Fairtrade Foundation

Praise for The Marketer's Guide to Sustainability

"The quality of the speakers and information was fantastic – I’ve taken so many notes! I strongly recommend this series for anyone looking to gain confidence in sustainability marketing."

Márcia Mourão

Sustainability & Operations Manager, Emma Lewisham

This webinar series is such a crucial resource for today’s brands – if you want to leverage your sustainability initiatives in your marketing whilst avoiding all of the many possible pitfalls, these episodes offer real practical help.”

Isabella De Filippis

Sustainability Specialist, MECCA Brands

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