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Communicate impact that builds trust in beauty

In an industry where brands can make any claims – it can be difficult to show that your impact is real. Our e-commerce tools help you show that your product impact is verified and backed up so customers can trust what you say.

‘Clean’ beauty and beyond: How to stand out through transparency

Watch a webinar with Provenance and fast-growing brand MARA to learn how your brand can pioneer new standards in the industry.

Find out how we did this on Cult Beauty with more than 60+ brands including REN, Vinter’s Daughter, Pai and Oskia.

Speaking a clear and common impact language

In the British Beauty Council’s landmark sustainability report, they address the danger that persists with greenwashing across the industry. Questionable claims and murky marketing is undermining the industry.

It goes on to highlight our transparency work with retailer Cult Beauty and a growing group of brands which sets out a consistent, comprehensive and credible way to communicate the impact of a product.

Rise above the noise in 2020

In the past decade, many beauty brands have claimed to go ‘clean’. But the term is not only vague and misleading – it’s simply not enough.

With the climate and social crisis bringing to light issues from packaging waste to the impact of sourcing ingredients – brands need to go beyond the ‘clean’ trend.

Find out below what you need to be focusing on this year.

Pioneering groundbreaking transparency in beauty retail

See how more than 1,000+ products in Cult Beauty’s online store are using Provenance to bring proven impact information to shoppers – helping to drive differentiation, engagement and loyalty for both the brands and the retailer.

How to choose between sustainable packaging options

Shoppers now expect beauty brands to offer environmentally-friendly packaging, but choosing between all the options can be overwhelming.

Here we’ll show you how best to navigate the right approach for your brand.

Communicate clear standards for your vegan products

With more and more beauty brands marketing their products as ‘vegan’, we have developed a ‘Proof Point’ allowing you to clearly communicate which standards you meet.

Learn about the key issues with vegan claims and how our Proof Point can help build shopper trust at key activation points.

Ensure the integrity of your clinically tested claims

Although many products claim to be clinically tested there remains a lack of transparency around what this actually means. This leaves shoppers confused and brands vulnerable to accusations of false advertising.

See how our ‘Proof Point’ allows you to be open about the standards and evidence to support your claim.

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