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Driving engagement by proving authenticity and artisanship in retail

As a champion of the city’s culture, Born Comerç’s iconic stores are leveraging technology to communicate their values and increase the visibility of their practices for international shoppers to see at point-of-sale.


The brands of the Born Comerç, a retail association in Barcelona’s iconic El Born neighbourhood, need to ensure they maintain and grow El Born’s reputation as the place to find high-quality, honest products that represent the area’s artisan culture.

Together with the Chamber of Comerç, the Spanish Ministry and others in a project called: “El Born: People Processes, Histories and Products”, six unique brands are leveraging the Provenance technology to communicate their transparent business practices at the point of sale, increasing their premium and driving loyalty among tourist and locals alike.

Working with


Becoming a trusted destination for quality and unique products in a crowded market

As one of the most visited cities in the world, Barcelona’s famous historical centre is filled with restaurants and stores to cater to growing demand from international tourists. However, it’s critical to the local community that they preserve the culture and craftsmanship that make the area so attractive and unique. As such, they need to protect the wider brand of the neighbourhood and ensure the values, authenticity and sustainable practices are made visible and communicated with integrity to the millions of tourists who visit the area every year.

(Image: Cafés El Magnifico are bringing transparency to their sourcing and processing.)


A digital activation to tell the story and impact in a consistent way across all brands

Using the Provenance platform, the Born Comerç brands and retailers collated their supplier networks and key impact information to tell the stories of their processes and products. They used Provenance software to upload evidence to support the stories they told, building out a stronger case for the authenticity and practices behind what they do. This story was then shared at point-of-sale via a QR code on-pack, through store signage and on their websites’ product pages.

(Image: Tiny Cottons are showing their production.)


Increasing engagement around brand values and building more premium retail

This activation enabled the story behind the products in an engaging, digital format across the points-of-sale for each of the businesses. It used technology and innovation to bring evidence to the things the brands said, protecting their authenticity through proof and creating a benchmark for honesty around impact.

By sharing this story with their customers and the wider area, they are bringing awareness and lifting the expectations of the shoppers – thereby preserving their practices, culture and values by making this the norm. They are also challenging the wider community of businesses to bring more transparency into the things they sell.

(Image: Cafés El Magnifico and Sans&Sans are telling the stories behind their products in their iconic stores.)

  • Engagement

    Uses technology to easily connect customers to the values and impact of a business. The story format pulls people through a content experience backed up by proof embedded throughout.

  • Brand-building

    Puts the brands firmly as leaders in transparency and innovators in technology – marrying the two for a customer-facing experience. Also establishes trust through third-party verifications and proof.

  • Loyalty

    Through on-pack activations, it continues pulling through the brand experience at home – continuing to bring through the messages around impact and origin.

  • We think and work for the consumer of today, both local and international, who want to know more about what they buy and value how the products are made, who makes them and why.

    Juan Carlos Arriaga
    Manager of Grupo Sagardi, President of Born Comerç

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