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Setting a new standard for transparency in coffee

Bridgehead Coffee is using the Provenance platform to create a digital supply chain that champions transparency and stands out amongst competitors. Their pioneering approach uses our platform in activations across their cafés and website to open their supply chain and prove key claims in a way that’s put them firmly ahead of the pack in the coffee industry.


Bridgehead is a coffeehouse chain and roastery based in Ontario, Canada. Despite almost 40 years of heritage in fair, organic and sustainably-sourced coffee, they felt it was time to go beyond just certifications and show the true impact on the small-scale farmers they work with.

From their direct sourcing, they wanted to showcase what the first-mile is achieving around sustainable farming methods and community empowerment. Then, bring this to their customers in an easy, digital format online and in-store.

Working with


Improving upon certifications to show true impact

While Bridgehead was the first to sell fairly-traded, organic coffee beans in Canada, more brands are now using those same certifications to help justify premium coffee. Bridgehead wanted to show their connection with the smallholder communities they support, but knew a certification logo doesn’t tell the full story. What was once a differentiator is now commonplace in the coffee market.

How could they share the impact that their coffee has on the first-mile communities they work with while also differentiating against the emerging sustainability initiatives from their competitors?


A third-party technology to prove each point in the story

Using the Provenance platform to create a digital supply chain, Bridgehead have championed “robust transparency” so their customers can see the true impact for themselves.

Together, we worked with them to identify stories and key claims about the social and environmental impact of their coffees. We then verified those claims using evidence, a third-party certification (FairTrade) and a verification from an NGO on the ground (TWIN).

This now-proven story of impact was then embedded in their website, showcased around their coffee houses and used to train their baristas.

For the customer, a scan of a QR at point-of-sale or a click on their e-commerce site opens up the information behind the coffee’s farmers and production. This comes complete with evidence and blockchain-based proof points about the specific care and initiatives in place, such as organic farming, FairTrade workers or women-owned projects.


Differentiating through impact and transparency

Bridgehead use the Provenance platform to not only tell the rich stories behind their coffee and stand out against their competitors – they are looking to lead with innovation and pioneer new levels of transparency in the industry. This includes going beyond certification and applying the most robust transparency into proving their quality and care. By sharing the social and environmental impact of their coffees, Bridgehead are using this to compete at premium price points, with an aim to increase conversion.


    Allowing customers to look into the supply chain enables them to understand where their money is going and why it’s important.


    As the first coffee company to sell fairly-traded and organic beans in Canada, progressing their approach to the criteria and quality around these practices helps Bridgehead continue to lead.


    By putting this information across their venues, website and as a key part of staff training, they're driving sales and engagement through education at a fraction of the cost of development.

  • Working with Provenance has been a delight - the team is professional, talented and dedicated to the task of developing a robust and credible platform for product transparency...The tools that Provenance has developed allow us to share these stories with our community and enable us to communicate on a trusted platform all of the inspiring work that our suppliers do. Through this process we are creating enormous value out of something that was always there but was hidden from sight.

    Ian Clark
    Director of Coffee, Bridgehead Coffee

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