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Launching a product designed for a circular economy

The Provenance platform supported Royal Auping and Niaga® to launch a product designed to change how shoppers buy, own and recycle mattresses.


Royal Auping is a Dutch brand leading a revolution in the mattress industry. Their cradle-to-cradle philosophy has led to a partnership with DSM-Niaga, creating new possibilities for how mattresses are assembled and recycled. Working with Provenance they have created a Product Passport showing material transparency and helping them launch in the market with circularity as a differentiator.

Working with


Educating shoppers on circularity and closing the loop

Mattresses have traditionally been a purchase that shoppers make based on comfort, durability and price. They are disposed of at the end of life and taken to landfill, with 18.2 million mattresses being thrown away each year in the US alone. Working with DSM-Niaga, Royal Auping has created a mattress that is fully circular – every component can be recycled into new components. The challenge they faced was how to give depth to this message in a way that would educate shoppers on this new topic. They also need shoppers to understand their role in closing the loop at the end of life.


A digital passport that proves material inputs and recyclability

Using the Provenance platform, Royal Auping has created a Product Passport. This is a digital experience that allows customers to see the full journey and all the materials that go into the mattress. Royal Auping shows that only polyester and steel are used, both fully-recyclable materials. They also prove who their suppliers are and the reduced carbon footprint of individual factories. The passport can be viewed by scanning an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip on the mattress label with a smartphone, allowing shoppers to view it in-store or at home.


Going to market with circularity as the lead differentiator

To support its message, Royal Auping is using a Product Passport to lead with circularity as a key product differentiator. They are integrating this messaging into their campaign launch, website pages and can send shoppers to the Product Passport to go deeper. It also means that when the product reaches end of life, the shopper doesn’t need to share any further information with the recycler. It can all be accessed from the product label.


    The Product Passport helps mattress owners invest in their product and gives them responsibility for end-of-life recycling.


    Royal Auping launched with a lead message supported by a depth of information that shoppers, media or industry could access. This allows them to put it front and centre as a differentiator.


    By knowing exactly what goes into the product, recyclers can be confident that there is no material contamination. This allows them to easily process a mattress into new materials.

  • It was very important to us to not only launch the world’s first circular mattress but to be completely transparent about its material composition. Provenance’s Product Passport is the perfect solution to help us deliver that information to our consumers via a label on the product. Their software gives us the flexibility to do this in a shareable, scalable way.

    Rudi van Erp
    Product Designer, Royal Auping
  • Design for circularity requires the exclusive use of healthy materials by everyone in the value chain and full material transparency, too. Provenance’s Product Passport has enabled us to collect and communicate this information comprehensively. It opens up possibilities to eliminate waste across many product categories.

    Ward Mosmuller
    Director Partnerships & Coalitions, DSM-Niaga

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