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Proving sustainability in a new platform for fashion buyers

Haikure is using Provenance to showcase the environmental impact of their jeans as part of a new B2B portal and through QR codes on their garments.


Haikure is an Italian fashion brand specialising in sustainable denim. They are working with Provenance to integrate sustainability into their new B2B platform and show impact at every stage of their supply chain. This will then be shared directly with the end-customer in Spring 2021.

Working with

The Challenge

Making environmental impact core to brand differentiation in B2B

Haikure has always made their jeans with sustainability as a core principle, but they have not led with this message to differentiate their products and position their brand. They needed a way to make credible claims in an industry where greenwashing is common. With the launch of a new B2B website in time for their Spring 2021 collection, they have engaged Provenance to make sustainability the cornerstone of their proposition to retail buyers.


Proven environmental impact across online and offline activations

Using the Provenance platform, Haikure is able to connect what they are doing in their supply chain to messages about impact. On their new B2B website, they have embedded Provenance Proof Points to support their claims around sustainable water usage and materials. On their garments, buyers can scan a QR code to open up a Product Passport showing how the product was made, who was involved and its impact at every stage.


Elevating Haikure as a sustainable brand to retail buyers

Haikure has launched their Spring 2021 collection using sustainability as a core differentiator to buyers. They’re leading the market by offering transparency – backed up by proof – as a key element of their digital B2B experience. Most importantly, the information will be in the hands of shoppers in early 2021.

The Benefits

    Haikure is using supply chain data to meet the level of depth and credible sustainability information needed by B2B buyers on claims.


    The Provenance platform is helping Haikure create content once and publish consistently across multiple activation through embeds in their brand ecosystem.


    In a competitive space, Haikure is able to stand out to retailers with product-specific impact using a digital experience.

  • Haikure wants words to become facts, and those facts to become trusted. Believing in something is no longer enough – our customers need to see and face what the product really is and how it has been made.

    Federico Corneli
    CEO & Founder, Haikure

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