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Improving conversions by showcasing impact on e-commerce product pages

Fuchsia achieved a 31% increase in online conversions when they embedded their social impact story powered by Provenance into the customer journey.


Working closely with artisan workshops in Pakistan to ensure fair working conditions that support the local community, Fuchsia design high quality, environmentally-responsible shoes that are lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans. Fuchsia wanted to explore methods of better communicating this story with online shoppers. With the Provenance platform, Fuchsia have successfully integrated their social impact story on their e-commerce pages to drive sales conversion with shoppers that share their values.

Working with



Can sharing impact increase sales?

Being an online, direct-to-consumer brand, the e-commerce experience is key to sharing their brand story and building trust with shoppers. Fuchsia wanted to improve the way they communicated their impact and ensure it wasn’t missed by potential shoppers. They decided to explore this with Provenance, with the objective to improve engagement and increase online sales.


An impact story integrated into the e-commerce experience

Fuchsia embedded their story on every product page using Provenance. This opened up verified information and data backing up their brand statements.

By communicating the craftsmanship and working conditions in their workshops, Fuchsia’s shoppers can learn more about the tradition, people and quality behind the product. Visuals and real-life stories of the people behind the product further support Fuchsia in fostering a human-to-human connection between the brand and its shoppers. The Provenance platform simplified the process for Fuchsia to create and share these stories at this key point within the shopper journey.


31% increase in sales conversion

In the six months since launching with Provenance, Fuchsia experienced a 45% improvement in online engagement with their shoppers and a 31% increase in sales conversion. More sales of Fuchsia shoes means more empowered fairly paid workers in Pakistan.

The benefits
  • Increase Sales

    Bring transparency to your product pages. Build trust with your shoppers, thereby increasing online conversion.

  • Simple Integration

    We make it easy to share your supply chain and impact on your website. Cut and paste snippets that embed on your product pages and enable you to quickly and easily share transparency with your shoppers.

  • Foster Loyalty

    Create meaningful relationships with customers through transparency. Sharing values and stories that increase the engagement between you and your shoppers.

  • Providing a radically transparent shopping experience to our customer is core to our brand values. We do this by sharing stories of the artisans who create our products and the process of making them. Working with Provenance has been a simple way for us to share those stories and we’ve seen a step change in our engagement with customers and sales.

    Fuchsia Shoes

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