Haikure is making environmental impact a powerful brand differentiator

With Provenance, Haikure is showcasing sustainable sourcing and production in a digital experience for online and in-store shoppers.

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The Problem

Low awareness of Haikure’s sustainability initiatives

Although Haikure has always made their jeans with sustainability as a core principle, it hasn’t led with this message in shopper-facing or B2B communications. To generate brand value from sustainability in an industry rife with greenwash, Haikure needed a way to add credibility to claims. With the launch of its Spring 2021 collection and a new B2B website, Haikure engaged Provenance to help the brand share the evidence behind its sustainability values.

The Solution

Proving environmental impact with online and offline activations

Haikure has strengthened its reputation for sustainable production by connecting claims to supply chain proof. Provenance’s Proof Points allow Haikure to share evidence of its sustainable practices, from water usage to material sourcing. Shoppers can scan a QR code on garments to open a digital experience showing how the product was made, who was involved and its impact at every stage. This level of transparency is protecting Haikure against greenwashing.


The results

Increased assurance

Haikure is using supply chain data to meet retail buyers’ and shoppers’ demands for comprehensive, credible sustainability information.

Consistent communications at scale

Provenance is helping Haikure create content in one place and publish consistently across multiple channels through embeds in its brand ecosystem.

Differentiation on product impact

In a competitive space, Haikure is able to stand out to retailers and shoppers by delivering clear information on product and brand-level impact.

"Haikure wants words to become facts, and those facts to become trusted. Believing in something is no longer enough – our customers need to see and face what the product really is and how it has been made."

Federico Corneli
CEO & Founder, Haikure

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