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Launching a brand with a new level of ingredient transparency

Addressing the need for conscious pet food, Marleybones are using Provenance online and on-pack to ensure integrity around their premium ingredients and impact.


Rooted in the desire to know what was going into their own dog’s food, Mikala and Josephine have launched Marleybones. They are a high-end pet food line with 100% British ingredients and fully transparent supply chain for customers. Their aim is to make a statement in the industry – challenging the lack of transparency around ingredients across the pet food market.

Working with


Responding to a need for transparency in the pet food market

Pet food supply chains are opaque. Propped up by branding, there’s little substance and even less communication around the ingredients and processes involved. In response to a need for their own dog, Marley, Marleybones exists for conscious shoppers who demand transparency. Taking a step ahead of the market and defying greenwash, they recognise the need to prove the supply chain decisions they’ve made along the way.


A digital journey that proves where all ingredients come from

Marleybones worked with the Provenance team to map out their supplier network, showing the flow of ingredients from farm to bowl. Using the Provenance Transparency Framework to dive into their impact, they selected the relevant Proof Points to back up sustainability and brand values claims. These are shown at key stages of their supply chain through a Product Journey, which can be found on the product pages of their site and accessed by scanning a QR on their packaging. See an example with their 'Pooch Posh Nosh Chicken'.


Entering the market as an innovator, challenging the category with transparency

Using the Provenance tools to support their brand values and USPs, Marleybones have secured a strong footing as they step out into the market. They are integrating this same messaging, now backed up with Proof Points, across their launch communications, website and packaging. Doing all of this, they’re driving interest and educating a market with little transparency to date.

The Benefits

    Appealing to digital-first, conscious shoppers around their transparency and quality expectations.


    Standing out in the market with a strong USP around quality, innovation and honesty.


    Educating and opening up on the values and impact that matters to the target audience.

  • The pet food industry is overwhelmed with claims of content and quality, making it impossible to understand what we are actually feeding our dogs. With Provenance we are able share the journey and impact of our products in detail, empowering our customers to make conscious, informed choices – for the health of their pet, people and our planet.

    Mikala & Josephine
    Founders, Marleybones

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