Marleybones is premiumising its brand with proof-backed sustainability claims

With Provenance, Marleybones is engaging conscious shoppers with a digital experience showing the full journey and impact of its ingredients.

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The Problem

Marleybones needed credible sustainability claims to establish premium positioning

Pet food supply chains are incredibly opaque, with little substance and even less communication around the ingredients and processes involved. But as a premium brand, Marleybones needed to appeal to conscious shoppers who demand transparency about products’ impact on the planet. To differentiate from the market whilst steering clear of greenwash, Marleybones recognised the need to share credible proof of their supply chain impact.

The Solution

A digital journey that proves where all ingredients come from

Using Provenance’s technology, Marleybones published shopper-facing digital experiences outlining the flow of ingredients from farm to bowl for each product, accessible via a QR code and in marketing collateral. Within this experience, Marleybones is backing up its sustainability claims and brand values using Proof Points, providing assurance to customers about its sourcing decisions to create a more conscious pet food.

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The results

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Premium brand positioning

Marleybone’s proof-backed sustainability experience appeals to digital-first, conscious shoppers and ensures their quality expectations.

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Standing out in the market

Having a proven USP around quality, Marleybones is now leading with innovation and honesty in an industry that lacks transparency.

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Credible claims

By connecting claims to evidence from their supply chain, Marleybones is bringing integrity to the messaging across all of their channels.

“The pet food industry is overwhelmed with claims of content and quality, making it impossible to understand what we are actually feeding our dogs. With Provenance we are able share the journey and impact of our products in detail, empowering our customers to make conscious, informed choices – for the health of their pet, people and our planet.”

Mikala & Josephine
Founders of Marleybones

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