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Increasing transparency in fashion with blockchain

Tracking the journey of raw material through the supply chain, this collaboration between fashion designer Martine Jarlgaard and Provenance highlights the role of blockchain technology in increasing transparency and substantiating claims in the fashion industry.


Aiding the global movement to increase transparency in the fashion industry, Provenance has, in collaboration with Martine Jarlgaard, proved blockchain’s potential for forging greater trust in businesses along a fashion supply chain, enabling brands to provide verified information about the materials, processes and people behind products. The first garment ever tracked with blockchain technology was presented at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit’s ‘Solutions Lab’ in Denmark, May 2017.

Working with


Fashion supply chains are complex and often opaque

Can Blockchain technology help fashion labels increase transparency and offer customer facing information at the point of sale?


Tracking and tracing from the 1st mile

Registering raw material on the blockchain via the Provenance app, we tracked sustainable alpaca fleece from shearing in the farm, through to spinning, knitting, and finishing in the Martine Jarlgaard’s London studio - creating a digital history of the garments’s journey.


Transparency in fashion

In collaboration with Martine Jarlgaard Provenance tracked the world’s first garment with a unique ID holding location mapping, content and timestamps from every step of the production. The journey information was made accessible via the garment’s smart label. This serves as a Proof of Concept of blockchain implementation in fashion supply chains.

The benefits

    A unique ID that is backed by our technology travels with the product verifying the data contained in the brand’s supply chain. Proof of authenticity is key. Blockchain adds extra security to claims made by brands. Ensure the end product information and certifications are verified by the company and its suppliers. This ultimately aids in the prevention of false claims.


    Content and data are gathered from multiple sources and suppliers, ensuring information is up-to-date. Giving a voice to each of the participants along the supply chain, creating a support network of businesses who care about transparency. Our tools allow brands to share their product’s journey across multiple platforms to the physical product.


    Bridging digital and physical worlds by making product journeys accessible at the point of sale. We are bringing ground breaking technology to the fingertips of customers who are looking for transparency in fashion. This is achieved through smart labelling such as NFC tags or by custom plug-ins for ecommerce.

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