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Reinforcing organic certification in the digital age

Working with the UK’s leading organic certification body, we’re increasing innovation, efficiency, and shopper engagement with the most widely-used mark in organic food and farming.


With British brands withdrawing from certification schemes, and retailers dropping certification marks from products, standards bodies are faced with a challenge to promote the value of their work, ensuring that the food and drinks we buy meet the highest criteria of animal welfare and environmental protection. Provenance works with the Soil Association to help secure the future of the organic mark, using technology to preserve its integrity, while increasing its interactivity for brands and shoppers alike.

Working with



Securing the future of certification programmes

Producers and retailers are now turning to alternative solutions for demonstrating how products meet food and farming standards. How can Provenance technology enable certification bodies like the Soil Association reinforce the value of their marks - now and in the future?


Preserving integrity, and increasing interactivity

Working closely with the Soil Association, along with an organic-certified producer and retailer, we generated an interactive version of the Soil Association mark. Hovering a mobile phone over the NFC-powered mark activates live information gathered throughout the product’s journey from farm to store.


Driving engagement at the point of sale

The interactive certification was well received by shoppers in-store, who intuitively used Provenance to access information about organic products. Our work with the Soil Association serves as proof for the role technology plays in strengthening the relevance of standards bodies, while increasing shopper engagement.

The benefits
  • Grow Customer Trust

    Use Provenance to share real-time product information in a format that shoppers can easily understand. With interactive labels that link physical goods to their digital journeys, certifiers can convert what was once a static jpeg into a data-powered trust mark.

  • Innovate With New Tech

    Our simple yet powerful software system lets certifiers and licensees gather and share verified product information, stored on the blockchain. This ensures that awards and certification marks can be trusted whenever and wherever they are shared.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Through Provenance, certified businesses can easily store and view verified claims on the blockchain. Our system provides a single source of truth for the most important product claims and certificates, which are traditionally stored in separate silos.

  • Using Provenance technology, you can discover the incredible journey your food has taken to reach your plate. We can’t wait for more initiatives like this.

  • Working with Provenance, we are excited to be leading the way in exploring digital and transparent supply chains for organic through their uniquely designed software.

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