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Whether you run a farm in Peru or a boutique in Soho, your products have a story to tell. Provenance provides you with the digital tools to build trust with transparency and traceability.

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Provenance digital tools power transparent businesses and traceable products. We use technology to help us all make purchases that are meaningful and more informed.

Be an open brand

Showcase the values that make your business and products unique. Take those values beyond your “about page” into an interactive digital ecosystem that builds trust. Compete on the great people and process behind your goods, not just price.

Be a trusted brand

Want to prove where your produce is sourced? Whether it’s original or authentic? Our item tracking tools track the journey of your product from pasture to plate, or from atelier to private collection.

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Benefits to your business


From TripAdvisor to Amazon ratings - we are used to technology as a broker for trust. We use tech to broker trust in your supply chain.


Our platform enables collaboration between producers, suppliers, retailers and end customers - gather the story throughout the chain.


Provenance can easily be added to your brand ecosystem reinforcing your online presence and bringing a digital dimension to your product labels.


We give your product a digital passport to authenticate key information, end fake claims and help tackle counterfeits.


Store verified information in a blockchain, we provide unparalleled protection on the world’s most secure data system.


Our tools help you create meaningful relationships with customers who value what you make and do.

Getting started


Create a business profile in minutes

Add certifications, awards, information and stories about your company.

Elvis & Kresse workshop, Tonge, United Kingdom


Add a product and share its story

Import images from social media, invite collaborators and see the story on timeline and map view. Embed stories anywhere online, including product pages on any ecommerce site.

Add a product and share its story

Issue or receive batches of items

Track unique incidences of products and their attributes, from raw materials through to product ownership.

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Showcase product provenance at points of sale

Help customers discover a new dimension to your products, verify key information and access the product story and impact directly from the product itself.

Showcase product provenance at points of sale

From the smallest farm to the largest retailer

Want to be at the forefront of traceability? Our Enterprise Tier gives you a comprehensive digital toolbox along with bespoke features customised to your business.

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From the smallest farm to the largest retailer

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