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Bring verified data from your supply chain to the point of sale with our blockchain-backed framework

How it works: Provenance uses blockchain, mobile and open data to bring verified information from your supply chain to the point of sale.

Transparency Platform

Increase brand trust

  • Share your business impact and values through an easy-to-use framework.
  • Open up your supply chain and showcase the people, places and processes behind your products.
Transparency Platform

Back your brand with data

  • Verify your business and supplier profiles for greater supply chain integrity.
  • Turn your certifications into data-backed marques.
  • Substantiate your claims with data gathered from across the supply chain.
Track and Trace

Ensure supply chain integrity

  • Demonstrate your social and environmental impact at every point in the chain.
  • Reduce risk by proving the authenticity of your goods and their corresponding claims.
  • Create a digital passport for every product, linked to batch or individual item.
Track and Trace
Communication Tools

Drive consumer engagement

  • Bring shoppers closer to the stories behind your business and your products.
  • Connect with new market segments by driving tech-powered experiences.
  • Embed Provenance data online and create custom experiences in apps, web pages, stores and on pack
Communication Tools
Smart Labelling

Boost brand interaction

  • Use interactive labels to personalise the retail experience.
  • Bring a new dimension to in-store engagement by linking physical items with their digital histories.
Smart Labelling

Reduce risk with analytics

  • Raise operational efficiency by automating audit, monitoring and reporting.
  • Interrogate your supply chain and spot risks before they cost money.

Show the value of your products with Provenance

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