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12 inspiring Black Friday campaigns for eco-conscious shoppers

Published on
August 3, 2023
Alex Farley-Wood
"Black Friday is a frenzy of deep discounts, limited-time offers and last-ditch efforts urging you to 'save' by spending more. We're not doing that.” - Patagonia

In the world of environmentally conscious consumers, Black Friday has evolved beyond mere discounts and deals. Since Patagonia’s shocking “Don’t Buy This Jacket” sustainability campaign in 2011 (a full-page advertisement in The New York Times urging consumers not to shop on Black Friday), the holiday season is now a prime opportunity to showcase your brand's commitment to sustainability and appeal to conscious customers. 

We've compiled a list of inspiring sustainability campaigns from Black Fridays gone by, which not only met conscious consumer demand but also made a positive impact on the planet. Read on to get inspired by powerful Black Friday marketing ideas from recent years.

Black Friday campaigns that encouraged conscious consumerism

Here are 3 brands who leveraged their Black Friday campaigns to promote a more conscious approach to shopping.

Image showing Deciem's Slowvember campaign

1. Deciem

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care


Deciem has broken away from the one-day frenzy of Black Friday in the last few years with ‘Slowvember’, offering 23% off all products throughout the entire month. This slowed-down approach encourages conscious consumption, giving shoppers time to consider whether they need the purchase rather than making a rushed decision for ‘one day only’. In addition to the month-long sale, the cult-favourite skincare house closed their physical stores for sales on Black Friday and instead hosted special events featuring live music, refreshments, and art workshops.

Image showing Fjallraven's 'Long Term Investment Friday' campaign

2. Fjällräven

Industry: Fashion

Campaign: Long Term Investment Friday

For their Black Friday campaign, Fjällräven, the Swedish outdoor apparel brand, discarded any discounts in favour of their unique campaign ‘Long Term Investment Friday’, emphasising the durability and longevity of their products. Whilst admitting it’s not the catchiest campaign, the company used their platform to share how an investment can contribute to a more sustainable future: “the longer you can use your gear, the less you need to replace it."

Rituals' Green Friday campaign screenshot

3. Rituals

Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

Green Friday

Rituals' ‘Green Friday’ campaign is a prime example of how to increase customer demand for eco-friendly products. Instead of slashing prices on everything, they focus on refill products, reducing waste and encouraging conscious shopping. As an added bonus, every refill purchase helps them plant, protect, or restore a tree year-round.

Sustainability campaigns that gave back for Black Friday

Next up, three Black Friday campaigns where brands did good by people and planet amidst the sales.

Screenshot of Lucy and Yak's 'Do Black Friday Differently' campaign

4. Lucy & Yak

Industry: Fashion

Fior Di Loto Friday

Sustainable fashion brand Lucy & Yak have been doing Black Friday campaigns differently since 2018, donating half their profits to charity partner organisation Fior di Loto Foundation. Encouraging people to also donate on the Lucy & Yak website, their 2022 campaign managed to support education for 223 underprivileged girls in India.

Screenshot of a Green Friday campaign by 'Trees For Life'

5. Ella’s Kitchen

Industry: Food & Beverage
Turning Black Friday Green
From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, the UK’s number one baby food company donated all profits from their online sales to rewilding charity, Trees for Life. The campaign enabled the brand to plant over 6,900 trees, sharing a message that good can come from the Black Friday campaign madness.

Screenshot of Allbirds' 'Break Tradition, Not The Planet' campaign

6. Allbirds

Industry: Fashion

Break Tradition, Not The Planet

Allbirds went against grain in 2020, avoiding discounts and instead increasing the cost of their products by $1. But here’s the catch - they matched that $1 and donated $2 per product sold on Black Friday to support environmental projects with Fridays For Future. 

Black Friday campaigns that championed small businesses

Here are three Black Friday campaigns that threw the spotlight on small businesses making a difference.

Screenshot of Ocean Bottle's 'Shop Small' campaign on Instagram

7. Ocean Bottle

Industry: Food & Beverage

Let’s Make Black Friday Blue

Reusable bottle brand Ocean Bottle celebrated Black Friday by featuring small businesses on their social platforms. Alongside the promotion, for every product sold on Black Friday, the company funded the collection of equivalent to 2,000 plastic bottles in weight - double their usual offering.

Social media post showing Haeckels' 'Giving Back' Black Friday campaign

8. Haeckels

Industry: Beauty & Personal care

Blue Mind Market

Natural skincare brand Haeckels gave up their retail spaces in London and Margate last year to showcase small brands, artists and disruptors promoting a sustainable future. Their Black Friday campaign was part of their broader 'Giving Back' campaign to foster opportunities for brands doing good.

Example social post from Dame's sustainability campaign


Industry: Health & Wellness

Shop Small Saturday

DAME, a carbon-negative period products company, used the weekend buzz to amplify small sustainable brands. Using their social channels, they shared special deals and discounts to encourage customers to support a variety of eco-conscious food & drink, fashion and personal care businesses.

Black Friday campaigns that promoted circularity

Lastly, these Black Friday campaigns rewarded customers for embracing a low-waste lifestyle and returning their old products back to the brand.

Screenshot from Rapanui's Take Back Friday sustainability campaign

10. Rapanui

Industry: Fashion

Campaign: Take Back Friday

Rapanui used Black Friday to launch a sustainability campaign reminding customers that its t-shirts could be returned for recycling in exchange for a £5 voucher. They also urged their community to engage with and share their #TakeBackFriday social posts to spread their message of circularity.

Advert from IKEA's Buy Back Friday sustainability campaign

11. IKEA

Industry: Homeware


In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, the furniture giant called on customers to return their used IKEA furniture to their local store’s Circular Hub. As part of this sustainability campgign, all returns received part of the item’s value back in the form of a voucher, and IKEA family members received an additional 50% extra buyback value.

Image from Vodafone's Bring Back Friday campaign

12. Vodafone

Industry: Tech
Bring Back Friday
Back in 2021, tech giant Vodafone encouraged customers in their European markets to trade in old phones to be recycled or repurposed responsibly. By bringing back old devices, customers received credit towards new ones, contributing to Vodafone's commitment to reducing electronic waste.

Leverage Black Friday buzz with a powerful brand sustainability campaign

By infusing sustainability into your Black Friday campaigns, you not only attract conscious shoppers but also make a positive impact on the environment and communities. These inspiring examples show that conscious consumers appreciate brands that align with their values, and it's a win-win for both your business and the planet.

Leverage your Black Friday campaign to promote a more conscious approach to consumption, making a significant impact and creating positive change while still attracting customers with the excitement of Black Friday deals. We hope these innovative sustainability campaigns spark creativity and inspire your next marketing moves towards a more sustainable future. 

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