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Earth Day 2024: 8 brands reducing plastic impact

Published on
April 22, 2024
Alex Farley-Wood

Earth Day 2024: Planet vs Plastic

Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has grown into a global movement, uniting people across nations to champion environmental causes. Today, as we face the pressing challenge of plastic pollution, Earth Day's significance is more profound than ever.

The theme for this year's Earth Day, ‘Planet vs. Plastics’, calls for heightened awareness and urgent action against the pervasive threat of plastics on our planet. Organisers EARTHDAY.ORG are committed to ending plastics for the sake of human and planetary health, aiming for a 60% reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040. To achieve this, they advocate for the elimination of single-use plastics, the establishment of a robust UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution, and an end to the fast fashion industry's detrimental practices.

Leading the way: Brands reducing their plastic impact

To commemorate Earth Day and recognize the strides made by consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses towards sustainability, we're spotlighting retailers and brands leveraging Provenance Proof Points to showcase their efforts in plastic reduction.

Jeannie Jarnot, Founder & CEO of Beauty Heroes, emphasises the importance of collaborating with brands dedicated to minimising their plastic footprint:

“One thing I know for sure is that consumers really want to reduce their plastic footprint, which is a good indicator for brands to continue to find alternative materials that are renewable and/or biodegradable. As a retailer, we love telling the stories of brands who are reducing their plastic footprint. It’s a win for the brand, a win for us as a retailer, a win for the customer and a win for the planet!” 

Here are some inspiring initiatives from brands communicating their impact with Provenance Proof Points:

Ulé’s new Proof Point celebrates their Reduced Packaging initiative

Ulé: Reduced packaging initiative

Ulé has significantly reduced the glass packaging in the last two years, with a glass jar for their Fraîche Cloud Hydra Fortifying Water Cream that's 50% lighter than alternative packaging options from the supplier.

Discover on Cult Beauty

Davines: Embracing recycled materials

Davines incorporates waste materials that have been recovered, reprocessed and converted into new materials for product packaging. Their Energizing Shampoo's bottle made from 99% recycled plastic, consisting of post-consumer PET materials.

Discover on Cult Beauty

Graydon uses 50% Post Consumer Recycled Resin in this product's packaging, in addition to refill solutions

Captain Blankenship: Recycling with PACT

Captain Blankenship’s partnership with PACT collective allows you to recycle not only the pumps from Captain Blankenship products, but any hard-to-recycle cosmetic packaging that might otherwise end up in landfills. 100% of the packaging for their Sea Salt Hair Spray is curbside recyclable when separated.

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Graydon: Prioritising recycled materials

Not only does Graydon's Face Food Mineral Mist have a Refill Solution, the bottles are now made from 50% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled Resin) and are fully recyclable with schemes like PACT.

Discover on Beauty Heroes

Farmtrue's Traditional Ghee is widely recyclable, with a glass jar and aluminium lid

Vivaiodays: Using biomaterials

Vivaiodays employs biomaterial sugarcane for all bottles and tubes, ensuring widely recyclable packaging for products like their Rose Geranium Cleansing Water.

Discover on MAPI

Farmtrue: Widely recyclable packaging

Farmtrue specialises in ghee-centric foods and skincare within their Ayurvedic collection, with select products like their Traditional Ghee entirely kerbside recyclable when separated.

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REN's 100% recycled bottle is verified by TerraCycle, containing 20% ocean plastic

Emma Lewisham: Introducing refill options

Emma Lewisham are pioneering waste-reduction in the beauty industry, giving customers the option to send back all used packaging to be refilled or recycled. Products like the Illuminating Oil Cleanser offer refill pouches, encouraging customers to reduce waste by reusing original packaging.

Discover on Naturisimo

REN: Fully Recycled with TerraCycle

Developed and verified by recycling company TerraCycle, REN's Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium Body Wash bottles are 100% recycled, with 20% sourced from ocean plastic collected by charitable organisations.

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Empowering brands to tell their stories

These initiatives demonstrate a commitment to prioritising the planet over plastic, whether through born-good practices or new initiatives to reduce impact. Through Provenance, brands can communicate their sustainability efforts directly to customers, fostering transparency and trust. 

From Reduced Packaging to Recycled Materials, Provenance enables brands to share their sustainability journey effectively with interactive Proof Points at the point of sale.

Speak with a member of our team today to find out how we can help your business.

Alex Farley-Wood

Marketing Executive

The Provenance Team

Provenance powers sustainability claims you can trust. The global leader in sustainability marketing technology, Provenance helps brands and retailers share credible, compelling and fact-checked social and environmental impact information at the point of sale. Provenance’s technology is already increasing conversion rates, brand value and market share for customers including Cult Beauty, Douglas, GANNI, Napolina, Arla and Unilever

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