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'How becoming biodiversity ambassadors can help businesses combat the climate crisis' – Edie

'How becoming biodiversity ambassadors can help businesses combat the climate crisis' – Edie

The current Covid pandemic has brought more attention to the climate crisis due to the connection between destroying natural habitats and igniting outbreaks. "Deforestation is linked to 31% of outbreaks" by driving animals out of their natural habitats and into those of humans.In an exclusive interview with Edie, Pernod Ricard's Vice President of Global Sustainability, Vanessa Wright, shares how the company – which is heavily reliant on nature by using more than 250,000 hectares of land for its portfolio of drinks – is spearheading initiatives around regenerative agriculture and biodiversity. All of this supports their wider sustainability roadmap, which they've aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Deforestation and urbanisation have led to [closer interactions] between human and animals. These factors, according to science, are resulting in the transmission of more diseases. Consumers are starting to get a better understanding about nature and I do believe that when we come out of the other side of this pandemic, everyone will be increasingly more aware of their actions and impacts on nature and it is our duty to protect and nurture the limited amount of natural resources that we have.” – Vanessa Wright

Read the full interview on Edie and learn more about Pernod Ricard's "nurturing terroir" approach, along with Timberland's net-positive leather sourcing, Kering’s regenerative raw materials and General Mills’ supply chain programme.

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