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Software vs. Agency: Why using tech is the best method for transparency

Published on
December 2, 2019
“With a Software-as-a-Service, like Provenance, the brands who work with us all benefit from our latest innovations and continual software improvements. As opposed to bespoke, one off agency builds that take yet more investment to maintain and update. This doesn’t stop agencies working with us to create unique customer experiences, but it means they have value long into the future. ” – Jessi Baker, CEO & Founder at Provenance

With sustainability and ethics rising to the forefront of shopper expectations, some brands are starting to align values and strategy accordingly. Others are taking a tactical, short term approach, focussing on one-off campaigns that can end up subject to accusations of greenwashing.At Provenance, we believe in the potential of technology to empower people with the information they need to make choices that have a positive impact on people and the planet.As such, we have developed a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution used by businesses big and small, across industries, to help them bring together data from their supply chain and share it with shoppers openly and honestly.

Wait, what is SaaS?

Simply put, SaaS allows you to access and use software via the internet, instead of needing to install and maintain it on a device. Without getting into too much technical jargon, this means a business benefits from:

Technology at the speed of business: Avoid long implementation cycles with software that is ready for you to use as soon as you sign up so that you can get to business value quickly.

Iterative innovation: Get the latest updates and features as soon as they’re ready, developed by technologists dedicated to innovation.

Reduced upfront costs: No need for significant investments in IT infrastructure as hardware, hosting and security costs are all managed by the vendor.

Worry-free maintenance: The vendor is responsible for keeping the software and hardware running, secure and safe.

The role of technology in transparency

“60% of consumers say a brand should make it easier to see its values and its position on important issues at the point of sale.” – Edelman 2018

We recognise that transparency is not a one-off campaign, but a strategic journey. In parallel, the demands, mechanisms and complexity for transparency continue to change over time. From environmental and social impact, through to political influence – the rapidly changing nature of the world around us means that businesses need to be able to adapt quickly and effectively. With the Provenance SaaS solution we provide businesses with scalable, cost effective software that is continuously being innovated so that they can focus on the expectations of their customers and differentiate against competition.

Yet, technology on its own is not the answer. Our team of sustainability, technology and commercial experts work closely with brands and retailers to shape their approach and strategy to transparency. Here, technology sits as the foundation to counter accusations of greenwashing, delivering the cutting-edge of innovation and with seamless scale. Interested in more? Learn how Bridgehead Coffee used Provenance to champion robust transparency or contact us for a chat

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