The Detox Market partners with sustainability data platform Provenance

Published on
June 25, 2024
The Provenance Team

London, Toronto, New York, June 2024 - The Detox Market, a beauty retailer specialising in ethical and sustainable products has partnered with European sustainability data platform Provenance in order to empower customers with validated sustainability information about its beauty products.

This comes ahead of anticipated regulatory updates to the FTC’s Green Guides, and amidst a global proliferation of green claims regulation, including the EU’s Green Claims Directive, formally approved earlier this year.

By using Provenance’s platform, The Detox Market’s 180+ listed brands are able to publish validated sustainability claims about their products in a way that complies with regulation.  

The move also comes at a time when products marketed as sustainable are growing 2.7 times faster than the rest of the market. With Provenance, The Detox Market’s brands can leverage sustainability throughout the customer journey, from improving ranking in search and filter results and wider marketing campaigns, to converting more effectively with sustainability widgets on the product page.

Over 30 of the retailer’s leading brands have already signed up to the initiative, including Odacité, True Botanicals, Tata Harper, Innersense, Pai, Briogeo, Rituel De Fille, and Prima.

For conscious consumers, this transforms their shopping experience, giving them information they can trust at their fingertips. It also saves The Detox Market time managing the product-level data for listed brands and enables brands to publish green claims that align with EU regulation ahead of anticipated updates for the US market.

Romain Gaillard, CEO of The Detox Market, said: "Transparency has always been at the core of The Detox Market’s mission—we want to empower our customers to make informed beauty choices that benefit their own wellbeing and that of our planet. Provenance is a vital component of the sustainability tech stack of the progressive retailer. Their technology and data capabilities will ensure we deliver a best-in-class shopping experience for the modern, conscious shopper.”

Jessi Baker, CEO of Provenance, said: "This partnership signifies a major step forward for the US beauty retail industry. By bringing together Provenance's data and framework and The Detox Market's commitment to sustainability, The Detox Market is pioneering rewarding brands for their sustainability progress, and equipping their customers to make more sustainable choices."

The Provenance Team

Provenance is setting a new global standard for consumer sustainability, by validating and amplifying sustainability credentials throughout the customer journey. Provenance’s platform enables businesses to be transparent about their impact, so that they can reduce the risk of greenwashing, realise their sustainability ambitions and future-proof their market share. 200+ leading CPG businesses are using Provenance to communicate their sustainability credentials, including Cult Beauty, The Ordinary, The Nue Co, Shiseido, BELU, Arla and Napolina.

The Provenance Team

Provenance powers sustainability claims you can trust. The global leader in sustainability marketing technology, Provenance helps brands and retailers share credible, compelling and fact-checked social and environmental impact information at the point of sale. Provenance’s technology is already increasing conversion rates, brand value and market share for customers including Cult Beauty, Douglas, GANNI, Napolina, Arla and Unilever

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