Vote with your wallet: How can you find and support honest brands?

Published on
November 13, 2019

Brands and businesses are beginning to embrace sustainability and better practices, yet we often still don’t know enough behind the products we buy and the brands we buy from. How do we know that what’s being said is true? And what can we be doing to see through greenwashing?In our latest webinar, we were joined by pebble magazine's founder & editor, Georgina Wilson-Powell, to discuss the importance of transparency, what ‘best practice’ looks like and how we can all contribute to a better world through our purchases this festive season.

How can shoppers vote with their wallets?

  • Shop your values: Start with what you care about. Is organic a label that's important to you? Do you want to ensure people are treated and compensated fairly?
  • Do your research: Spend some time finding people talking about the specific issues you care about.
  • Value your own money: You work hard for your money, so spend it with people you know are going to do good with it. Understand what goes into these items to produce genuine quality so you can also value the true cost.
  • Communicate: If you're leaving an old favourite brand because you don't agree with their values – tell them. Help shift the dial by letting them know why you're supporting another business now.

From the brand side, there's a need for more honesty in the space. Businesses have to clear about what they mean when they use words like "ethical" and "sustainable" because everybody uses those words. It's all becoming a bit murky for customers. What specific things are you doing as a brand to support those values?

"For me, transparency is not that transparent. I think a lot of people talk about transparency without really understanding what that means. It's about being really honest and authentic with your end-users... about where you are on your sustainable journey." – Georgina Wilson-Powell, pebble magazine's founder & editor

Watch the full webinar full of insights for brands and shoppers on who's doing it well, how to find positive brands and how we can all make sure we're putting forward our values as both businesses and shoppers this season.

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