Webinar: Greenwashing in beauty – what the latest regulation means for brands

Webinar: Greenwashing in beauty – what the latest regulation means for brands
Join Provenance, Pai Skincare and the CMA's Director of Consumer Protection to find out what the latest regulation means for beauty brands.

With beauty shoppers increasingly seeking ‘green’ products, sustainability communications have become a must-have for brands. But as the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) prepares to publish new guidance around misleading environmental claims, it’s never been more important for beauty brands to ‘get it right’ on sustainability claims.

Join Sarah Brown (Pai Skincare), Jessi Baker (Provenance) and Cecilia Parker Aranha (CMA) for a discussion about how beauty brands can meet growing demand from shoppers and regulators for greater transparency about social and environmental impact. We’ll look practically at how brands must now communicate on key industry topics from packaging recyclability to organic ingredients, carbon and clinical testing.

What you’ll learn:

  • Get the lowdown on the Green Claims Code, the CMA’s new anti-greenwashing guidance: what does it cover and what’s at stake?
  • Explore the implications for beauty brands as we workshop how to make claims about social and environmental impact with integrity.
  • Understand how to talk to shoppers about recyclable packaging, organic ingredients, carbon measurement and much more.

Hear from:

  • Sarah Brown, Founder, Pai Skincare
  • Cecilia Parker Aranha, Director of Consumer Protection, Competition and Markets Authority
  • Jessi Baker, Founder & CEO, Provenance

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