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What is the full story behind your everyday products? – our Ellen MacArthur Foundation webinar

Published on
March 16, 2020

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Last week, we joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s live stream to talk about transparency and the origin of the things we buy. Understanding where the products come from and their true impact is important for any brand – big or small. Furthermore, when we look at circularity, “we can only unlock the full value of a product at the end of its life if we know what’s in that product from the very start. That's when transparency comes into place," explained Louise Garvin, our Head of Enterprise at Provenance.Together with Gordon Renouf​​, the CEO of the ethical fashion app, Good On You​, Louise shared our view on:

  • Who’s responsible for addressing the information gap?
  • Where does circularity come into play around the story of a product?
  • How can new technology help us bring the right information forward?
  • What can we do as businesses and citizens to make a difference?

Watch the webinar highlights here.

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