3 Key Things we learnt at the Ethereum Devcon3

Victor Maia presenting Moon on the main stage. In early November, Provenance took part in the fourth edition of the annual Ethereum development Conference (Devcon3) in Cancùn, Mexico. Let’s reflect on a…

Arkansas Farmers Take the Mystery Out of Meat

Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative use Provenance to track products from farm to fork, giving shoppers more confidence in the origin and quality of the meat they buy.

Fundraising, partnerships, and other top news!

“Most people don’t think about where the food they buy in supermarkets come from, and whether it’s ethically sourced. Provenance uses the blockchain — the technology underpinning bitcoin — to track the…

Join Provenance as a Systems Architect!

Join us as a Systems Architect, working with our talented product team to help design, configure, and implement our software-as-a-service product with businesses and partners.

The Tip of the Iceberg at EDCON 2017

The European Ethereum Development Conference in session, exploring technology, research and applications built on the Ethereum platform. Thibaut Schaeffer from the Provenance team shares notes from EDCON: a two-day event examining the…