Meeting smallholder coffee farmers in Vietnam

As part of an exciting new project with the World Bank and Nestle, the Provenance Team travelled to Vietnam in March to meet smallholder coffee farmers to explore how our technology can empower them with access to finance, and a better deal for their product.

Farmer harvesting pepper in Vietnam

Smallholder producer in Vietnam, here harvesting pepper which is often grown alongside coffee

Our latest field trip took us to the Central Highlands in Vietnam, on a pilot looking into transparency in the coffee supply chain. Working with Nestle and the World Bank, we met smallholder coffee growers who export their produce to the European Union. We’ll be working with them towards a fairer supply chain, exploring social impact, transparency and customer trust.

The Nestle team show us the young coffee plants


Young coffee plants grow in rows

Growing young coffee plants


Man shows white flower on coffee plant

The coffee plants were flowering as we visited the farm

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