Provenance powers Mashu’s sustainability story at Harvey Nichols

Just after Spring Fashion Week, the Maiyet collective hosted a pop-up in Harvey Nichols, a luxury department store dating back to 1831 in London’s Knightsbridge neighbourhood, that featured 50 positive-impact fashion brands committed to sustainability and traceability.

As part of the pop-up, we were excited to collaborate with Mashu and communicate the story behind their bags through an interactive in-store experience. Shoppers scanned a QR code to discover what materials Mashu use and how they handcraft their bags.

Shoppers could scan the QR code on swing tags

The response was great from both shoppers and the retailer and I’m now using Provenance to help tell my story for our Spring/Summer launch.

– Ioanna Topouzoglou, founder of Mashu

Following the success at Harvey Nichols, Mashu has since embedded their Provenance powered story on their e-commerce store online and integrated it into their new campaign content.

Why did Mashu come to Provenance?

From previous pop-ups, founder Ioanna knew that the story behind the bag was important to shoppers. She also needed a way to consistently share this story at Harvey Nichols, without having to be there at all times. The Provenance platform allowed her to transform her narrative into a visual stage-by-stage journey behind the product.

As well as images of the process, it included a confirmation from her materials supplier, Piñatex. This ‘digital handshake’ confirmed them as the supplier of the pineapple-based fabric used for the bag. For Ioanna, this was crucial as it took it beyond a marketing story and showcased proof of her sustainability credentials.

As transparency comes into focus next week for Fashion Revolution Week, brands will increasingly need ways to convey the rich story behind their products in competitive retail environments. They will also need to prove these statements to counter greenwashing.

We’re proud to work with brands like Mashu taking the leap to stand out in-store through transparent and verified stories straight from their supply chain.

Learn more about transparency powered by Provenance. We’ll be speaking at Fashion Revolution – see when here.


About Provenance

Provenance is a platform that empowers brands to take steps toward greater transparency. With our software, businesses can share information and stories about products and their supply chains, including verified data to support those statements powered by blockchain. By connecting this information to things – in store, on pack and online – we can all discover the origin, journey and impact of our products to enable more positive, purposeful purchases.