The future is transparent: join our community for shoppers at Provenance

We have launched a meetup series to bring like-minded people together to learn, take action, and have fun over our shared belief that the future is transparent. You can sign up and tell us why you want to be a part of upcoming meetups here.

Here at Provenance, we’re passionate about transparency. Through our technology, we empower businesses across the world to delve into their supply chains and reveal to their customers the origin, journey and impact of their products. But buying is a two-way exchange! It’s time we talked about the other half: shoppers. So to accelerate towards a world where we can trust that the products we buy match the values we hold, we are building an empowered community of shoppers who want to help make this happen.

This time last week, we gathered a select group of shoppers and enthusiasts in a hidden corner of King’s Cross to do just that. Over Toast Ale and nibbles grown within arm’s reach in the Skip Kitchen, we discussed all things transparency.

Teams were challenged to come up with ideas to change how people shop online, or ways to convince their friends to buy them responsibly-sourced presents (without being obnoxious!). The resulting pitches included Amazon take-overs that ranked and upvoted products by their environmental cost, taking your most sceptical friend on a shopping date, and creating product ‘wishlists’ to guide people towards better presents.

Everyone at the meetup shared the desire to know more about the products they buy:

“It’s where it actually comes from, who’s been involved in it, what companies are affecting the supply chain of it…that would make a difference in my buying mentality”

– Jake, shopper

He wasn’t alone – head to our Instagram highlights to hear more.

We all came away with more ideas for engaging people in the stories and impact of the things we buy, a long list of inspiring things to watch and read*, and a real boost from meeting so many like-minded people.

And the best news of all? This is just the beginning, and we want you to be involved.  Together our call for transparency will be louder.

*We’re collating a list of documentaries, podcasts, vlogs, websites and books to share with our community. Email your top finds and recommendations to, we’d love to hear them!