Upcoming webinars: set your sustainability strategy for fashion, food and drink

Provenance Fashion Workshop

Day in and day out we’re seeing the demand for transparency and sustainability become louder as more reports and increasing connectivity reveal the hidden truths and often harsh realities propping up supply chains.

Businesses need to be equipped to respond to this through innovation and thoughtful processes that re-design the way we make and buy things.

Following on from our recent workshops, we’re introducing a new webinar series to explore solutions and next steps for brands that want to learn more about transparency and sustainability.

  • Fashion on 18 March: 12-1pm Los Angeles (PDT) / 3-4pm New York (EDT) / 7-8pm London (GMT)  
  • Food + Drink on 9 April: 12-1pm Los Angeles (PDT) / 3-4pm New York (EDT) / 7-8pm London (GMT)  
  • May industry and theme to be announced shortly…

Whether you’re just starting to look at your supply chain or have already put sustainability at the top of your agenda, you’ll hear about building trust through technology-powered transparency with Provenance.

Join us to discuss taking accountability, making responsible decisions and driving positive impact for the future – all using verified third-parties and data to ensure there’s no ‘greenwashing’.

What we’ll cover:

Come together with the leading innovation and technology behind Provenance to be a pioneer in the industry, championing what’s good – while making a difference to your bottom line.

  • Discover market trends and best-in-class examples of transparency and sustainability communications in your industry
  • Learn how Blockchain and other new technologies are increasing customer trust through practical insights from Provenance and our 5 years in the space
  • Explore the solutions to transition to a better future while unlocking new business potential

Who’s this for?

Marketing, branding, communication or CSR managers at brands and retailers in the relevant industry looking to increase sales, engagement and customer loyalty through transparency and sustainability.

Reserve your place with future-facing brands looking to drive purposeful purchases and loyalty with like-minded customers who share your values!


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All attendees will get a 1-month free trial to the Provenance platform, and access to a free 1-hour session with our content strategist for the 10 first brands to activate the trial.