The beginnings of brew

As London Beer Week 2015 was coming to an end, we were keen to peek behind the barrels and get to know some of our favourite London breweries including Brew By Numbers, Camden Town Brewery, Beavertown Brewery, and Hackney Brewery!

Brew By Numbers

via Brew By Numbers

via Brew By Numbers

When Dave Seymour and Tom Hutchings met on a rock climbing around Asia, Brew By Numbers was still a glimmer in the future. As Dave traveled Australia and Tom returned home to the UK, they began parallel craft beer discoveries and in 2011 they teamed up once again to create their own microbrewery.

The research, skill and precision put into every individual brew while pushing boundaries and experimenting is what makes this brewery special. They have a home in the centre of Bermondsey’s culinary quarter, and are open every Saturday so you can try the freshest brews of the week.

Camden Town Brewery

via Camden Town Brewery

via Camden Town Brewery

Nestled in the arches beneath Kentish Town West sits Camden Town Brewery, one that has risen to London fame over the last few years. Founded in 2010, pub owner Jasper Cuppaidge was in search of a great, London-brewed lager but kept coming up short. In an attempt to find a solution, he began brewing in his basement.

“I started out by making beer in the basement of my pub, The Horseshoe, for fun. Not many other people we’re really doing this at the time.” – Jasper Cuppaidge, Founder

Now five years strong, Camden Town Brewery’s full bodied brews are sold all over, Cuppaidge’s dream is in full swing. We’re very excited to see where they go as they continue to grow and grow.

Beavertown Brewery

via Beavertown Brewery

via Beavertown Brewery

Beavertown Brewery are quick to explain, “Beavertown was the old Cockney name given to the historic De Beauvoir area, famed across Victorian London for it’s rich characters and infinite revelry.” So in 2011 when Logan Plant concocted an idea for a brewery in the kitchen of Duke’s Brew and Que, he kept it in mind.

In just 3 years they expanded to a point where Hackney could no longer house them, so they moved to Tottenham Hale, but Duke’s is still their tap house where you can pop by any day for a great, fresh pint.

Hackney Brewery

Hackney locals Jon Swain and Peter Hills decided to share their brewing gifts with the world in 2011, founding Hackney Brewery. They make range of delectable ales to style, and always give a penny a pint back to local charities in their neighbourhood.