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Provenance reinforces the work of NGOs, auditors, awards bodies and sustainability standards organisations by bringing certifications to life in the digital age, and providing a simple software system for sharing verified product information.

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The Provenance platform is free for many organisations that help make supply chains more sustainable, to reinforce equitable data sharing between businesses and shoppers.

  • Standards Bodies
    Standards Bodies

    Certifiers, awards and membership bodies can use Provenance tools to strengthen programmes with tech.

  • NGOs

    Non-governmental organisations can use our platform to gather and share data from supply chain partners.

  • Auditors

    Firms in auditing, risk management and compliance can benefit from increased efficiency through our blockchain-backed system.

Interactive certification marks

Bring a digital experience to your award in the customer ecosystem

  • Attract new licensees by offering digital experiences in apps, web pages, stores and on-pack.
  • Drive shopper engagement by turning your organisation’s marks into smart, data-backed interactive badges.
  • Augment your mark with stories and data from the supply chain in a format you can easily share.
Interactive certification marks

Provenance software increases visibility for your standards

  • In-store

    Bring certification data and content to interactive shelf edges and other printed point of sale material.

  • On-pack

    Use sell-by dates and serial numbers as unique identifiers linking end customers to certification data.

  • Online

    Use our plug-ins or API to bring sustainability standards data to e-commerce platforms.

Want to incorporate our customer-facing tools into your programme?

Chain of custody cerficate tracking

Ensure integrity as your certification or award is shared through the chain

  • Connect with farmers, retailers, auditors and shoppers to gather and share data.
  • Bridge different data sources - link the flow of products with the flow of certifications in one secure data commons.
  • Ensure your awards or certifications can be trusted whenever they are shared - with data stored on the blockchain: the new technology bringing a new layer of trust to the web.
Chain of custody cerficate tracking
Our partners

Increasing the integrity and interactivity of certifications in the digital age

Our work with the Soil Association ensured the integrity of the certification mark by making it digital, with proof stored on the blockchain.

Made in Devon, United Kingdom by Eversfield Organic

Bring a new dimension to certifications and awards
  • Trust

    Allow businesses to enable verified sustainability claims, as well as business and supplier profiles, for greater integrity.

  • Data-backed

    Record authentic, verified data in a highly secure digital format that is both accessible and easy to understand.

  • Interactive

    Turn image files of certification marks into smart, informational web links that present proof and indicate validity.

Trust and transparency beyond certifications

Do you work in governance, auditing, or any other organisation supporting sustainability efforts or the fair trading of goods? You can also benefit from the Provenance platform by connecting with partners, storing key data securely on the blockchain, and increasing the visibility of your work in shopper-facing environments.

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Reinforce your standards with Provenance

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