Provenance powers supply chain transparency and the secure tracking of materials, ingredients and products. Our tools give producers, brands and retailers access to the latest technology for proving the value and authenticity of products.


Bring information to the point of sale online and in store.


Bring verified information to the point of sale online, in store and on pack.


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Track end-to-end and bring verified information to omni-channel experiences.

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Pricing and feature information for all Provenance plans
  Starter Starter Pro Enterprise
Monthly price Free
Transparency Platform
Share your business impact and values through an easy-to-use framework
Gather product information including materials, ingredients, locations, profiles, processes, environmental and social impact
Connect your supply chain easily
Pull information and content from your suppliers and team
Gather content from social media and other data sources
Impact data tools - social and environmental (beta)
Show breakdown of cost with financial transparency tools (beta)
Verify your business and supplier profiles
Store digital certificates on the blockchain
Verify certifications and awards (beta)
Prove product and business claims (beta)
Track and Trace
Blockchain-backed tracking for ingredients, materials and finished products
Give every batch or item a unique URL
Track materials end-to-end through transformation
Integration with ERP systems for automated product tracking
Track products and their attributes in private mode, with highly secure data privacy (beta)
Communication Tools
Compose and publish business and product stories
Embed stories, business and product information in your online ecosystem (e.g. own website and e-receipts) Up to 10
Integrate stories, business and product information in your physical retail spaces (e.g. shelf labels and other printed materials)
Add consumer endorsements, contributions and Q&A to your online ecosystem (beta)
Use our API to create your own experiences (beta)
Smart Labelling (coming soon)
Guarantee unique identification with DNA-embedded labels
Prove authenticity with NFC and secure ink
Employ QR codes for basic identification
Insights (coming soon)
A dashboard to keep track of supply chain activity
Advanced analytics on products and batches
Automated audit, monitoring and reporting (via open data access and API)
Customer support Email and chat
Invitations to Provenance UK and international events
Enable content moderation (by Provenance) Basic

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- Prices are subject to tax, credit card fees and other prevailing charges.

- Pro membership monthly price excludes integration with existing supply chain software, and is subject to verified profile completion.

- Sign up to our newsletter for Beta versions and product updates.

- Prices are subject to tax, credit card fees and other prevailing charges.

- Pro membership monthly price excludes integration with existing supply chain software, and is subject to verified profile completion.

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Equal access: 100 businesses per year with a turnover of under 2 million can access hands on help for bringing transparency and traceability to their brand and products at the same price as a Pro membership. Apply here.

Non-profit organisations, educational instututions and good citizens are welcome to sign up for the Starter plan to share stories about businesses or industries they work with. Enjoy free, unlimited collaborations and social media integrations.

How do I get started?

You can get started on Provenance in a few easy steps. Create a business profile and add your products in minutes. Use our communication and tracking tools to share stories about the people, places and materials behind your goods, and track their journey through the supply chain. Find out more.

I don’t have a debit or credit card. Can I still pay for a subscription?

We’re currently only able to accept credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.

Can I cancel a subscription?

Yes. You can do it at any time from your Provenance account. Simply visit your account page from the menu, select “Change plan” and then downgrade to the Starter plan.

I have another question!

We’re here to help! While logged into your account, chat with us via the bottom right chat bubble. Our usual hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm London time. You may also reach us via email, Twitter, Skype or snail mail.

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