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Build brand trust by showing trustworthy supply chain impact

Proof Points are a way for you to communicate impact messages that engage shoppers and build trust in your brand.

What is a Proof Point?

Communicate impact messages with integrity

A Proof Point is a certification or an interactive statement you can make about the impact of your business or products. It connects what you say to real data from your supply chain. When a shopper clicks on a Proof Point, they can see what you are doing, the impact you are having and whether you can back it up.


Connect evidence from your supply chain

To publish a Proof Point, you can attach evidence that a shopper will be able to view. Provenance sets a minimum standard for this evidence so that it meets shopper expectations. This could be a document like a certification, an audit report or a signed declaration from an NGO.


Build trust further with third party confirmation

Attaching your own evidence is the first step. Our platform allows a third party organisation to confirm that your Proof Point is accurate and true. By doing this, shoppers can be more confident about what you are saying. Your Proof Point will then be stored as a permanent, public record on blockchain and appear with a ‘verified’ green tick.


Communicate openly with shoppers across every channel

You can publish Proof Points into any of your marketing channels using a simple embed code. This could be on your e-commerce product pages, on your sustainability pages or even on a retailer website.


A guide to opening up your supply chain and impact

The Provenance Transparency framework categorises each Proof Point into 10 different areas of impact e.g. ‘Improving Economic Equality’. These categories make it easy for a shopper to understand the impact of their purchase. You can also get a clear internal view of what your business can communicate today and what you can work towards in the future.

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